I'm in AF for the 3rd time since last Fri night. Went to hospital early hours Saturday. I also have blood pressure. I've had cardioversion twice, the last one in 2011 before that 2007. I'm gutted it's back as i do a lot of hill walking which i'm now not able to do. Can you give me some info on the different anticoagulants. I've had warfarin in the past but a dr mention in A&E on Saturday a different one!!! Can't remember what it was called but you didn't have to have regular blood test.

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  • Hi there Jonesi. Sorry to hear about AF returning. I'm sure people with more knowledge than I have will fill you in on anticoagulation. I think it would be a help to know if you are under 65.

  • Yes, I am under 65 by 2 years.

  • A lot of doctors feel that under 65s with AF don't need anticoagulation but many people welcome the sense of security that they feel it brings.

  • There are now several NOACs,( novel oral anticoagulants) which are available and do not require regular testing although they do not have anti dotes as yet. . Please look at the main AF-A website and read the relevant fact sheet.

  • Thank you.

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