My doc told me not to take caffeine. I do not like any caffeine drinks so thought that would be easy... but ... the only painkillers I can take re paracetamol (tylenol in the US) and I prefer the ones with added caffeine -- take pain away more efficiently as well as cheering me up slightly :-)

I take 130mg caffeine two or three times per 24 hrs. I have never noticed any effect on my AF .... do others have experiences of caffeine?

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  • Normally, everything we drink is decaf. But I'm OK with the occasional normal coffee as long as it is just say no more than once a day. Haven't a clue about the amount of caffeine though!


  • I make myself one double shot latte every day around 3-4 o'clock.

    I have never noticed any reaction.

    During the rest of the day I drink approx 4 large earl grey teas, not caffeine free.

    However, I dont drink cola or take the paracetamol or anything else with caffeine added, just in case.


  • Caffeine raises heart rates so is generally bad for people with AF. I never have it now knowingly after total B-ll-cking from Arrhythmia nurse abut my consumption of Red Bull.

    Why not find an alternative strategy to mood and pain.


  • I went through a period due to a stressful job & new baby in the family, of having multiple coffees throughout the day (instant coffee = 2 teaspoons of coffee in a cup) topped up with the occasional Redbull if i was going out or playing football.

    I've never nailed the trigger of my AF but my caffeine intake is now one cup of tea per day (occasionally two). All my other hot drinks are decaf

    If i do need any painkillers i just take the non caffeine ones these days.

  • Caffeine effects me very badly. No coffee for me , occasional tea is fine.

  • There is so much contradictory information about caffeine and arrhythmia's. Some stating caffeine is bad for AF and some saying it can prevent AF (See link below), which strikes me as strange how something could protect against AF, but when you have AF it makes it worse

    Personally when I have a coffee I notice my heart thumping away and being an AF sufferer anything that does this worries me. I do have the odd coffee now and again, but I haven't touched an energy drink in over two years. I do think the amount I used to consume along with other enhancing supplements I used to take all to aid my sport did me no end of harm.

  • Actually what Jason said is how I feel. It's not that caffeine gives me AF, but it does make my heart go faster so makes me concerned. Same with any other stimulant, alcohol, sugar, too much food etc.


  • I have one strong ground coffee with breakfast and decaf tea for the rest of the day. Headaches are treated with cooling and/or massage - paracetamol if all else fails. Wouldn't touch energy drinks - I was force-fed too much Lucozade as a child in hospital 😃 !

  • After my first ablation i was given a sandwich and a coffee on the ward. it could have been decaf, i didn't ask. Coffee was freely available on the recovery ward. i was never mentioned, although as i drink gallons of it i have mostly switched to decaf now.

  • 3 times 130 mg = 390 mg.

    This is equivalent to having 4 cans of Red Bulls of 5 shots of coffee a day - no wonder they cheer you up!

    Caffeine won't create an AF but it can be a trigger for it. After having seen hospital more times than I want with my heart rattling away in my chest I don't want to prod the beast so I only drink decaf but I do drink a couple cups of tea a day.

  • This - decaf always

  • Coffee has no effect on my AF.

  • Nor has it on mine! At least, it does not increase the heart rate ... how elso could caffeine afecct AF? (Maybe my typing ;-))))) )


    affect ...

    Actually, I do not drink caffeinated drinks. But take paracetamol with caffeine twice a day. Never after 3pm.

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