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Private appointments

Well, I've made the appointment to see EP privately. It will be next Tuesday. What surprises me is that when I spoke to the secretary on the phone, she asked if I had a referral letter from my cardiologist or GP. A referral is still required even if you are doing it privately! So, I've had to arrange for a duty doctor at my surgery to refer me, my own GP is away on holiday til the 21st. All being done in a bit of a panic. I thought that as I am paying to see the EP, I could just make arrangements...obviously not, it doesnt work like that. Anyone else experienced this?

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I think it's because your GP sends the 'official' details of your condition(s) and previous treatments for the consultant to read. I asked for a copy of my referral documents which included as well all my AliveCor printouts that I had shown to my GP.

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Yes this is the protocol for a private referal you need a referal from a gp or Specialist . I once got s private referal for a ct scan as it was taking too long in the nhs and the radiologist refused to do it even though the gp wanted one as she didn't agree with gp . I couldn't even pay for one ! x


Hi yes your experience is normal. The GP has to refer you whether its for NHS or private. Its all normal practice.


Some people have said you have to be referred by a cardio, GP's have said that apparently. But I too have been referred direct by a GP to an EP, although I just said he was a cardio and didn't mention the phrase EP.


When i moved home, my EP in London referred me to an EP in Brighton, but he (London) had to ask my GP to formally request the appt.


I rang The Spires hospital in Leicester for a private appointment with my EP. I self referred and no letters from anyone required.


Yes I went private to Spire Sheffield and still had to be referred by my GP. Once seen EP transferred me straight back to NHS though!


I arranged my own EP appointment privately and, although it was mentioned by the secretary, there was not really time to arrange anything through my surgery, the appointment being sorted out virtually over the weekend. I did inform my GP with a quick phone call as a matter of courtesy.

I took all my copies of Cardio and hospital reports with me, and as I mentioned before, had a really good session with him.

He did write to my GP with his findings and an action plan, which my GP accepted.

Unfortunately it was not really practical for me to go onto the EP's NHS list, me living down here and him in London, and I could'nt afford to go on his private list, ( still waiting for my big premium bond win!!!), but aimed me a the right people to see in my area.


When I saw my EP privately my GP didn't refer me, though I did tell him I'd made the appointment and I was already my EP's NHS patient.


Hi Margar17

I'm currently going through the same process myself following my 3rd DCCV on Monday. My Cardiologist is referring me to an EP. I am especially pleased as I've done some research with the help of this forum and AFA and my Cardio is referring me to my no 1 choice.

I don't know if it's down to my particular circumstances but I've actually been told it'll be quicker if I see him on the NHS than by going private, which I was about to do.

Anyway, good luck with it all, and if the lights flicker, they've probably got the paddles out again......... Blasted A-Fib.

Ah well........ Keep having fun



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