Private appointment

Well, I saw The EP privately today... money well spent. He's arranging an ultrasound scan and recommends an ICD implant, followed by an ablation. I could only afford this one time private consultation, so will now have to wait for NHS appointment. Meanwhile, he's put me back on Amiodarone, short term only. So now we have the sun, I've got to avoid it!!!

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  • Well done-- a great step forward.

  • Definitely money well spent. Hope all goes smoothly from now on.

  • I'm so glad that you have had a positive outcome and a plan of care for your AF. Hopefully, your quality of life is on the up and up - the sunshine will keep! :)

  • So pleased to hear about this. Be well.

  • As has been said, money well spent. Just what I did and got seen very quickly on NHS for my treatment. Wishing you all the best and hope your outcome will be as good as mine.

    Angel blessings and stay positive.


  • Thank you, Di...hope I won't have a long wait.

  • That's good news. Here's hoping things move forward quickly for you now.


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