Sunday Confession in AF

Hi Guys, I haven't posted in a while, am on 100 mg flecainide twice per day and 1.25 of bisoprosol in the morning.

All going well, had a tough few days with kids I'll, me a little run down, decided to go out last night. Drink more than I should have several small glasses of wine a small whiskey and a very little vodka.

Felt great had a really good time, got home around 2.30 but of a headache due to the wine, had a sandwich. Got to bed lay in right side and within ,10 mins around 3.30 was in AF. Out of rythm not really fast heart rate, took some extra flecaninde and am waiting, now 8.30 + in Greece).

Sods law that it happened after being free for last 6 to 7 months.

I am guessing this may be vagally induced as I haven't drunk in excess for the last couples of years, never drinking more than 2 maybe 3 glasses of wine.

Anyhow sorry to only post when in need, any thoughts?



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  • Well, I suppose that if it takes that much alcohol to put you into AF, then in a sense that's good news!

  • Hadn't thought about it that way, definitely a glass half full approach :)

  • I hope you are soon back in NSR. You must be feeling wretched.

    We all do things in life that we regret at one time or another.

    After a lifetime of drinking, rarely in excess, I decided 18 months ago to stop alcohol to help those that were trying to help me by managing my AF.

    I have no way of knowing if my regime has helped but what I do know is I have been AF free for 10 weeks and I am not about to start taking chances even with one drink. Alcahol was never an obvious trigger but I just wanted to eliminate anything that might have an influence.

    Hope you are better soon. Think hard about choices in life.


  • Hi Pete, yes back in NSR, after an extra 200 flecaninde and a little Bisoprosol.

    Yes I guess sometimes we test the boundaries and these little messages from the body say hey don't forget to keep looking after me.

    Definitely have to be more consistent with changes.


  • Good news.

    Your regime regarding the extra Flecainide and Bisoprolol and the success you had returned to NSR is exactly what I did for 25 years but slowly it became less successful.

    I have had about 20 cardioversions as a consequence and now numerous ablations too.

    Glad you are also considering changes to lifestyle.


  • Thanks Pete:)

  • You are perhaps older and wiser today, but, hey, you had a good time last night. Why should AF completely rule our lives and stop us having fun? There could be a huge volcanic explosion sometime soon (we watched a scary documentary about an eruption in 1250 last night) and living too prudently might not be our best way forward.

    The thing is, the more AF we have, the more AF we get.

    Good that you're back to NSR.

  • Thanks Pete,

  • :) all good thank u

  • It's worth finding these things out, I think. You could decide to go completely sin free, to give yourself the best chance of keeping AF at bay. There's definitely merit in that viewpoint.

    On the other hand, you still have to live your life.

    Personally, as a 40 year old, I made the decision to cautiously investigate what influences my occurrences of AF.

    So far all I've had to rule out is coffee (which is killing me today as my kids were up at 5.30am and I'm knackered!).

    I'm a bit worried about a possible link between strenuous exercise and going into AF about 36 hours later. If it happens again, then I'll probably have to give up playing football :(

    On the positive side, alcohol hasn't proved a trigger. I had a busy summer, with some holidays and music festivals, and I stayed in sinus rhythm for over 5 months. I haven't really drunk anything for a month now, and AF has visited twice! (I'm not saying that I need alcohol to stay in SR! Although..!)

    So in my opinion, it's only worth denying yourself the things you like doing only if you know they are a definite trigger.

  • I guess we are in the same age bracket, having said that it has taught me that anything in excess needs to be managed. Have a drink, but not necessarily a truck load :)

  • hi score i am 79 with 7 years af which has now been on for the last 5 months.

    i can tell you definitely that over exercise triggers af

    i have experienced this with many different forms i.e. fast running, excessive hill climbing...even hefty garden work.

    my last glorious period of peace was turned into af by the shock of unexpected heavy sound levels oh and also once a very large beer

    back in af now but controlled by 5mg bisoprolol apixaban and amplodipne

    hope this helps


  • I have only had 3 episodes of AF 5yrs ago and this year 3 episodes of AF. Mitigating circumstances are stress and whisky. I have drank alcohol at other times in that time and been fine. Spirits especially whisky are a big trigger so avoid and hydrate if taking booze


  • Thanks guys this is all very useful information. I must admit, i have strayed recently off my diet, meditation and all those good things. See get excited when things are going well and I guess was hoping for some normality. But then again maybe accepting that this is my normality would go a long way with the AF. An interesting journey mmmmmm not sure yet :

    It troubles me that doctors only look at the symptoms e..g ablate etc, but dont seem to get to root cause or is it my interpretation.

  • You say it was being stressed caused you to overindulge and stress alone is my big trigger so who knows?

  • No i think that the fact that I was stressed out and run down probably didn't help I think it may have been multiple factors with the over indulgence being the icing on the cake.

  • Most of my AF attacks seem to be drink related. I very rarely drink in the week so don’t seem to suffer but after a Saturday and Sunday with a little alcohol, it does seem to occur more.

  • Hi there, I've had two ablations this year with the latest only eight weeks ago. So I'm still in that tricky post ablation stage where the scar tissue is still healing which leaves you wide open to a full package of side effects. Answering your question, I have the problem nearly every Sunday as that's the only day when I drink that little bit too much and that's all it takes. I try to have 2-3 days a week without alcohol and apart from the dreaded Sunday keep it to 7 units which is two small beers a small cider and a double Jack Daniels whiskey. I hope you find this helpful and all the best with your forthcoming battle.

  • Steve thanks very much, its always good to get other peoples insights and experiences.

  • Andyt36...that is certainly an indicator that alcohol is a trigger for you and I believe after this you will in all likelihood be very aware of how much alcohol you consume and the results of too much alcohol in your system. Good luck and stay well.

  • Thank you bisop

  • Have got to the stage it’s not worth it - definitely a trigger for me - there is more to life.

  • dmac i guess you are rights, there is more to life, but it is sometimes good to test the boundaries within reason. i didnt think it would affect me, but i guess the fact that it did dehydrate me and i had a stinking headache and affected mental state... as whenever I get an attack it takes me back a step or two, makes me definitely rethink :)

  • Took me quite a few incidents to get to this stage,but having had some really bad bouts of a fib have come to the conclusion that the best feeling in the world is to be in NSR - I used to subscribe to the Sinatra theory that I felt sorry for non drinkers as when the woke in the morning was the best they were going to feel - which is maybe how I got afib - still what I remember of it was great ! At times I could murder a glass of red wine .... but ...

  • So would just one glass of red wine set u off, or is it if you have one this will lead you to have a second? Etc.....

  • In the recent past it was totally random - one glass of red could do it - a mouthful of guiness....other times didnt affect me but its just too random and if i dont drink at all I dont get it so have packed in trying.

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