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I've been taking Atorvastin for over 12 months now and I've always had sleep problems and very frequent nightmares my doctor has advised me to stop them for 4 weeks however within a few days the nightmares stopped and my sleeping was better I've not taken any star

Statins for 3 weeks is there a statin without this side effect I also take sotalol 80 mg twice a day and lisinipril 10mg daily please can anyone comment


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Thank you Colin


I had side effects from Symvastatin so I was changed over to the one your on, and this works for me with no side effects I can detect. Might be worth a change?

Be very careful with taking stations, ask fore more opinions.

Almost ruined my life but I stopped them in time!! 10 years ago! Not sure if they were also the cause of my AF!! Our American doctor friends have strong opinions on them! One doctor barred there use on his mother!

And now in today's paper they are linking statins to Parkinson's ..... I think a trip to GP is on the agenda for me - I've been on Simvastatin for many years - makes me wonder if they will find out it can cause AF too!

Best wishes Aly

Unless you have a problem with high cholesterol don't take statins. They seem to be given out automatically with any heart condition regardless of whether you have a cholesterol problem. I was prescribed them following a heart attack and they made me feel very very I'll. I had muscle pain, disturbed sleep and nightmares. I thought this was the after effects of my heart attack. In fact I think I had to take longer off work because of the cocktail of 7 drugs I was prescribed. I am on two now. When I stopped the statin I felt really well. I go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week and continue with my vegetarian diet. my cardiologist was ok, he just commented "not taking a statin? Didn't agree with you? Ok" I am sure that for some people a statin is essential but for many it's wheeled out routinely. Cholesterol (the good bit) is really important for brain function too.

colingee in reply to Delphetta

Thanks for your response I agree


Gaygay45 in reply to Delphetta

It is necessary to distinguish between HDL and LDL as they are quite different. LDL is the baddie and HDL the goodie Also the ratio between the two is important

I had insomnia with statins. I am on Atorvastatin and I take it in the morning now and problem solved. Simvastatin should be taken in the evening but Atorvastatin can be taken any time of day.

I had the sleep problems so my GP suggested I could try coming off Atoravasatin for a few months. This did make sleeping better, but cholesterol level shot up. I went back on them but six months later I had a heart attack. Obviously no way of knowing if this would have happened if I hadn't come off them for a while, but always a possibility. Remember GPs don't put you on statins for no reason, they're not that cheap.

Yes there is. I experienced similar problem but without nightmares as I hardly sleep. My consultant changed it to Ezetimibe 10mg and I have since lived happily ever after😃

I've been changed to Atorvastatin 30mg from Simvastatin a while ago. I don't sleep very well any way but it hasn't changed very much. But I have been told to take it in the morning. What time do you take your Atorvastatin if I take it in the evening, yes I have had nightmares.

colingee in reply to Naneliza

Yes I've been taking it at night speaking to GP tomorrow so perhaps I will start taking it in the morning thanks Colin

I have been on statins for nearly 20 years. I am on simvastatin and now very interested in following these posts as I have recently developed arrythmia and today had an echogram to see what is going on.

I have asked my Doctor many times if I could come off them but the answer is always no.

My Father died of a stroke at 57 and I am 59, so I am very wary. He never took any medication, so wondering now if medication might have given him a longer life.

I had a small heart attack when I was 40, which I was told happened through major business stress at the time. I had no damage to my heart, but I have always suffered from high blood pressure that is hard to control. My cholesterol is not classified as high but the statin was a precaution.

I am feeling very confused by all the new information we are hearing about. I take magnesium as I suffer from restless legs, and I read it can help irregular heart beats, but so far no help.

I am still on the search for some answers.

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