Muscle pains in my back

Hi there , I'm on 100 mg of flecainide twice a day and 2.5 mg bisoprolol , I'm 46 and was a runner till peroxomaol af struck me down last December , I've had 13 episodes since December , I've been experiencing muscle pain in my back and around my side also my shoulder ,is this related to the meds or the af not circulating blood around properly and making these niggles more noticeable ,I'm still waiting to c a ep at glenfield in two weeks cheers Paul

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  • Hi Paul - I'm on almost the same drugs as you, and 25 years older and have no symptoms like yours. Pain could be muscular or a strained ligament but why not contact your EP's secretary, describe the pain and ask for advice. I wouldn't ignore it or assume it is caused by your drugs.

    Best wishes

  • Hi there , I've been to c my doctor in the week who seems to think its muscular and has arranged for a steroid injection in the shoulder .the back area is painfull when I press it , thank you for your reply Paul

  • Hello Paul, I'm also on 100mg of Flecainide twice a day plus 5mg of Bisoporol. I swim about 2500m two to three times a week and I'm 44. But Ive never had any muscle or back pains that are due to my medication.

    I've just had my second Ablation so will be on this amount of medication for at least another five weeks, and I won't be back in the pool for a while either.

    Good luck.

  • Hi there Swale , unfortunately I've not had any energy to carry on running only very acasionally on the treadmill on a rare day when I feel good enough ,I've recently had af last Saturday night for 9 hrs and this Friday evening for 2hrs so I've lost all my confidence with going out running just feel really fragile , I didn't bother going hospital with these last two episodes I only seem to sit there till I go back to normal anyway , how long did your first ablation hold up for get well soon buddy

  • Sorry to hear how you've been feeling. I had my first ablation last April, all went well and I had no AF until Christmas. It started with just palpitations then turned into AF. So I saw my EP who booked me in for my second ablation which I had last Saturday.

  • Hope it all holds up this time for you ,I see a ep in two weeks at glenfield so hoping they will set a date for ablation , not looking forward to it I'm crapping it ,but just got o grow a pair cos I can't go on like this ,it's totally put a stop to my life everything's on hold at the moment , I've had more time off work this year than I've had off in the last 30 yrs altogether . Cheers Paul

  • I know exactly how you feel, I was the same. But I can honestly say the procedure is nothing to worry about. I was pleased I had it under GA and not sedation though. I went to sleep, then woke up all done with just a couple of cuts in my groin and a bit of a sore throat. That same afternoon I was eating sandwiches and watching the football on tv.

    Good luck.

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