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Beware Sprouts

Hi fellow sufferers...How about this for a laugh?. I've been in permanent AF since Sept 2014 and on Warfarin.

My INR was stable at around 2.2/2.7 and I was all set for my CV on the 26th March. Then I decided that I'd have a good feed on my home grown sprouts ----- every day for a week.

Suddenly my INR was down to 1.8 and now down to 1.6.

I've had a call from the anti coag clinic to up my warferin dose but I suspect I'll be getting another call to cancel the CV.

Oh joy!!! They really were nice sprouts too!.

Anyone know how long it might take for the vit K to clear my system?

The only other change in my life has been a pretty nasty car accident which I walked away from two weeks ago.

Can stress change your INR?

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I think it's the sprouts!! I take Apixaban now but when in warfarin used to get back in range when INR too high by taking sprouts/spinach etc!

Don't think you store the Vit K


I can't offer any advice, but glad you managed to walk away from the car accident. Hope they don't have to cancel your CV appt. Take care.


Well, my money's on those sprouts... I am guessing you'll have to munch them in moderation in future! Or up your warfarin to cope... It's about being consistent really - either you have less warfarin and less sprouts or more sprouts and more warfarin, as I understand it. However if you steer clear I would think they'll be out of your system fairly quickly, I can't imagine that something dietary would raise your INR for three weeks (though if I were you I'd check with the doctor to reassure yourself). They'll probably test you just before the CV to check your INR is in range - good luck with that. And good news that you were okay after your accident!



I think everything in moderation is better, I was told veg with dark green leaves can raise INR levels


Stress has a definite impact on your INR levels but it brings your level up and not down. Here is a website where you can go to see what type of levels of Vitamin K is in the food you eat.


They can just give you a high dose of something to thin the blood on the day so should be no problem. My EP did this for my ablation as my INR was so unstable (1.5 to 3.5) we just aimed to be low and fix it on the day


I know how you feel. I love sprouts. Do NOT stop having sprouts or any other green veg, just cut down on the amount you eat. All green veg contains other vitamin and minerals which are needed for the body to function well. Enjoy what you eat, but cut down on the amount.


Oh dear ! Why were you not aware of the ' green veg' factor when you started on Warfarin?? Suddenly eating sprouts daily is a surefire way to lower your INR. ( I love sprouts too ! )

You may well find now that your Cv is postponed. Better safe than sorry.



Yeah, if you binge on greens you're INR will come down. And with a week on sprouts, you could start losing friends for other reasons :-D

I'd guess your INR would come back up fairly quickly after you stop the greens though. Just guessing.


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