hi everyone . im back

nearly a year to the day after my second ablation . I woke up with a pain in my jaw and a rapid thumping heart . I called an ambulance but by the time they got to me . most of the episode had gone . I had a minor attack about a week ago also . my gp thinks its svt s . so im back on the waiting list for an ablation . great eh ? . so ive lost about a stone and im pretty weak . does anyone else get that ? and what do you guys do for work ? cause my licences have been suspended again . as in hgv . thanks moggy

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  • Sorry to hear your news mate, I'm retired now but after my demob I spent 20 odd years "on the road" so can appreciate loss of licence.

    Is that the reason your were enquiring about cost of private consultation? You should be able to get at least an initial EP appointment very quickly paying for it, then at least you should have some sort of plan to work to, but I would have thought you would be able to see the department who dealt with you before by ringing the consultants secretary.

    Hope your sorted soon,


  • I would get on the phone to your EP who undertook your ablation for advice and support. Also does your hospital have an arrhythmia support nurse if so call them.

    Good luck


  • hi meadfoot. its the nhs mate . there not interested. was quoted 27 weeks for a consultation . so im going private . at a cost of 195 . and guess what . I can see him Monday . unbelievable

  • Just goes to show. Good luck Monday.


  • Have a look at benedon healthcare, a useful safety net if you are faced with a long wait.

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