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Waiting for a follow up appt

I was admitted via GPappt/ambulance to Derriford Hosp November 2017 having been in AF for a couple of days. Self regulated back to NSR after a further 2 days (Thursday), but had I not, ablation was scheduled for the following day Friday, whilst I was still an inpatient.

Previous drugs Digoxin, bisoprolol, dabigatron for PAF and BAV (bicuspid aortic valve) changed to Sotalol and apixaban and I was told that I would be seen in out patients in 16 weeks to discuss ablation.

Now some 19 weeks on I telephoned to see when I may be getting an appt and was told that those due to be seen in October 2017 are currently being booked for April. So I now face another 6 months wait to be seen.

Is this what others are finding within NHS and is the only alternative to go private?

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Not quite sure from your post exactly what has happened. Why did your ablation not go ahead while you were at the hospital ? 12 month waiting lists for ablation are not uncommon. Privately funded ablations are very expensive even assuming all goes to plan.



Thanks for the reply Sandra.

I reverted to NSR after 4 days in AF. The EP was going to do ablation if I was still in AF on day 5 but cancelled it as I reverted with change of drugs. I have already waited 4 months for out patient follow up appt to discuss doing ablation but the waiting list to see the EP even to discuss it is a further 6 months. Meaning a wait of 10 months to get an out patient appt with EP.

If the waiting list after that is a further12 months that makes the best part of 2 years wait 😕


That doesn't sound very acceptable.

On the face of it one is tempted to ask why you need to have another appt to discuss the ablation which had previously been agreed to.

Many on this site have elected to go private for an appt to see the EP and then go on the NHS list. Cost of this prob £200/300. This would hasten matters. Meanwhile you could phone the cardiac secy to find out ablation waiting list times.


I spoke to cardiac secy this morning, hence the info that waiting list for cardiac appt is soooo long. I think I was so startled that I didn't think to ask about ablation waiting list!


Could be they want to see if the drugs work for you instead of an operation.This is the case with me,Apixaban seems to work for me,but we are all so different.


I had an ablation at Derriford in Oct 17 having been told to expect a wait time of 6 months following referral from cardiologist at Treliske...I hadn't heard anything after about 4 months so emailed the arrhythmia care coordinator to check status. Within a week I had a date for ablation, a little sooner than I'd expected. I did check out the cost of a private ablation and was quoted £10k! Hope it goes well for you. I have been free of AF since my ablation and the care at Derriford was excellent.


Thanks for that jezzer. I also found the in patient care at Derriford excellent and glad to hear that you are now doing well. I think I shall wait a wee while more and then contact them again about an appointment.

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