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I had a root canal treatment on tuesday as I had had an abscess. I left it so long as I am fearful of of dentist. Lots of stories to say how horrific procedure and perhaps for some it is. However I wondered why I was so nervous no worse than an ordinary filing. However a couple of points which I want to share as I really researched this. Firstly make sure you tell your dentist your full medical history secondly ask for the non adrenalin pain injection and know that there is research to say that abscess can cause problem and affect the heart. My dentist made that very clear. Just wanted to share.

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Yes thank you Christine, tooth infections can cause serious problems and even death if they get into the heart and set off endocarditis. Most dentists are aware of this and when mine knew of my heart issues he was very keen to make sure there were no dental matters which could exacerbate the problem. We have spoken of non adrenaline local here many times for people with AF but of course the downside is that it is generally not as effective.



Just wanted to add that some years ago I had an abcess under a crown which

of course had to be removed. After a course of antibiotics everything appeared to be fine, no pain or discomfort seemed ok, crown was replaced.

A couple of weeks later abcess returned with a vengence and it took weeks

before I was finally rid of it. The pain was absolutely awful in fact I burnt my

neck with a hotwater bottle and I didnt realise till later, Hope yours doesnt

turn out to be so troublesome. Shirley.


Yes totally agree Bigleg on Weston A Price for diet advice generally.

I am coming to the conclusion for anything toxic be it root fillings, Electro Magnetic Radiation etc that if you are compromised compensate by taking another level of toxicity away and feed yourself the best possible diet plus more exercise. e.g. I don't take any alcohol and walk 2 miles+ per day....still can't get away from a computer screen in the daytime though!!


Thanks Christine, I have now had 4 root fillings in the time I have had AF since 2008. I'm not sure if AF weakens the body to deal with decay or the decay causes the AF.

You may be interested in Ramiel Nagel's book 'Cure Tooth Decay'. I went to his talk in London, he is a strong advocate of just a quality Cod Liver Oil (I had it as a child 55 yrs ago), like Green Pasture Blue Ice.


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