Warfarin - side effects

I wondered if any one whilst taking Warfarin has been diagnosed with acid reflux. It seems after a visit to my doctors this morning I appear to be suffering from it and he informed me it is a common side effect caused by the Warfarin. I suffer from Lone PAF AF and take no other medication. From information I have gained on this site I thought aspirin caused the stomach issues.

Many Thanks.

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  • I had no problems with warfarin but the daily onslaught of aspirin upset my stomach badly. I think that you need to take the warfarin with a drink. If it gets stuck at the back of your mouth it tastes absolutely vile.

  • Been taking it for ten years and never had a problem I always take mine just before dinner every evening.

  • I started warfarin three weeks ago, no real side effects, but it does seem to have coincided with me peeing more often, anyone else have that.

  • Not really noticed anything like that from the Warfarin, I take it in the evening with or around the time I have food

  • Yes, when I first started taking Warfarin, many years ago, it made my stomach really sore. I changed to taking it mornings, mid breakfast and the problem disappeared.

  • Yes I have recently been diagnosed by my EP as having gastro-oesophagus reflux disease since commencing Warfarin treatment and post Ablation....C

  • I have had a lot of bloating and what I call heartburn since my ablation over a year ago. However, in the past month it has improved a bit, not sure why. I am on warfarin plus statin.

  • I feel it gives me a dry mouth meaning I drink more water, which is good for you so I'm no complaining! Lol

  • Interesting. Only yesterday I was wondering about the side effects, if any, of Warfarin. Since starting on the drug, I seem to feel very bloated and have developed a heavy belly. I know my life style has been more sedentary and my weight has increased a bit but I've never had a paunch like this before. It isn't huge - just protruding and hard. If I had to describe it I would suggest it feels like it's been inflated.

    OK...I can hear you chuckling already but anyone else in the same boat?!


  • Hi David, Yes your signs are exactly the same as mine. I have been on warfarin for over 12 months now and have noticed a heavier and more protruding belly and feel bloated quite often.

    I have put on 8 kg in weight which is rear for me as I have never been able to put on an ounce of weight all my life. I am thin as in 204cm in height and normally 95kg but now 103kg.

    Due to my persistent AF, I have been leading a less physical style of life and this could be the reason my weight has increased, but I do not think so given my previous track record with weight gain.


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