Warfarin and blotchy legs

I noticed yesterday that I had red blotches under the skin on the back of my legs just above ankle height. Well I went for an INR check later that morning and it was 3.1 and on showing the nurse my legs she immediately said it was caused by the warfarin. I am reducing my warfarin dose slightly and didn't take any last night. Also the lower part of my legs ached yesterday, which I've never had before.

I came home and read the side effects on the leaflet in my warfarin and discovered that the little pinpoint spots that had bled on my face that morning were also a side effect. Has anyone else experienced this?


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  • I have those tiny red spots all over me but they never bleed.


  • Hi Bob

    You can't see the spots on my face until they bleed when I wash. When not bleeding there is nothing there. I've also had nose bleeds today.

    The blotches on my legs appear to be dying down - hope that's just not my wishful thinking!

    I guess it's all the result of my INR being a little high. Strange because being just 3.1 I could understand the bleeding and blotches more if it had been higher.


  • Hi Jean

    Since taking warfarin I also got tiny red dots all over my ankles and lower legs on my last two holidays to Spain where I had been doing a lot of walking. Some people thought I had sunburn. I thing GP said broken blood vessels. They appeared suddenly on around day 12 of my holiday and took about 2 weeks to go away. I was also expecting my INR to be high but it was only 2.0. - down from 2.9 two months earlier.


  • Hi Marion

    It's interesting that you have had something similar, if not the same.

    I'd been doing a lot of exhausting walking on a visit to London before the blotches appeared. I'm wondering now if that's what caused it. I do know that if I wear walking boots and socks on a warm day I get a rash just above my ankles, but that is always a more raised rash. This time I was wearing sandals and the red blotches were under the skin and not raised at all.

    Am feeling quite low about it all at the moment, especially after two and a half days of my heart racing last week, 6 weeks after my second ablation. Last Tuesday my GP sent a copy of an ECG showing my heart was firing from an unusual area to my EP, but there has been no response so far.


  • Hi Jean

    Sounds just like mine - yes under the skin. The first time it happened I thought that perhaps I had been bitten -really worried as we were flying home the next day. Just par for the course now!

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling to good at the moment - hope you hear from the EP soon.

    Take care


  • Hi Jean, such a relief to read yours and other AF'ers re blotchiness. This problem have been coping with it for quite a long while. Originally was on Warfarin when it first occurred, now on Pradaxa due to Cardiologist decision following a TIA last year. Following seeing Cardiologist's ' under guy' in June he decided it was the Amiodarone that was the cause of the problem!! So now going onto Propafenone to see if this rectifies the blotchiness. Will be seeing GP in the next couple of weeks and will definitely, not literally, throw these comments to her and look forward to hear her comments. Keep walking - doubt if this will put me off - friend and I covered at least 8miles yesterday (madness) now suffering a little today. Enjoy each day as it comes!

  • The blotchiness looks so horrible though, doesn't it? Thankfully now that my warfarin dose has been reduced the problem appears to have gone.

    8 Miles!!! That sounds like good going. I love being out in the countryside, admiring the wild flowers, trees etc. I call it soul food. Once I'm over my ablation pick up period I'll hopefully be walking the same distance.


  • Talk about legs blushing - keep mine covered all the times!! GP originally put the condition to photo synthesis - sounds as though from this site she had it all wrong!! Yes walking can take one away from everything. The Heather is now out over the moors -beautiful colour made every step worthwhile. Yes Jean make the most of what you feel you are able to do.


  • I got the same on my holiday in France this year (lots of tiny red dots). The GP thought it was to do with the bisoprolol and did a blood test (normal), but my thinking was that it was warfarin and the sun.

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