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Coeliac Disease and Anti-Coagulation

I don't know how serious my AF is as I have only recently been diagnosed with PAF, which was found by accident during a routine ECG. I am only on 1.25Mg Bisoproplol (daily)and 50Mg Flecainide (twice daily) and I don't have many episodes longer than a few seconds before it jumps back into SR and even then usually only when lying down to sleep. I have been advised to go on AC now as my score has increased to 1 (because I am 65 now). I have Coeliac Disease so life is not without digestive problems if you can read between the lines! My concern with Warfarin is maintaining a constant INR with Coeliac Disease whereas the new ones may seem better? Or do I need to go on them as my episodes are(seem to be) controlled? Anyone have any experience with these 2 conditions together.

I believe it is commonly associated but my EP looks a bit blank when I have discussed the diet problems and Warfarin.

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I can't comment on you particular combination of conditions but will say that he amount of AF and severity does not affect the stroke risk so just because you don't have many events and they are not (currently) serious does not mean that anticoagulation is not important. I suggest that you discuss one of teh NOACs if INR stability would be a problem.



I think if its been advised to be on ac I would I didnt want too but somehow it is reassuring any chance of helping orevent something like a stroke is a must. I didnt fancy warfarin but actually it is tried and tested you are monitored so you are not on your own. If you dont get on with inr I am sure they would suggest the othet pills. Good luck


I too am a coeliac, am 67, and diagnosed with paf and flutter in August last year.

I have been on apixiban and atenolol and ramapril since diagnosis without any apparent problems apart from feeling suppressed rather than depressed. I discussed the diet issues with warfarin and although it might not have been a problem on a day to day basis, psychologically it would have been as being a coeliac already requires constant vigilance around food.

I have not found what triggers any episodes but since being on the atenolol my heart beat is slower and I have not had really fast rates just usually slow and erratic.

I find the site very useful.

I am due to see consultant on Friday at northern general for the first time since diagnosis so hope to discuss current health.


Thanks everyone for your replies. Bjwmbe, you are spot on with my concerns. It is very hard to watch what you eat with Coeliac and to add another dimension such as Warfarin is the part I worry about. I still eat out and travel so I do get "glutened" occasionally so taking one of the new drugs seems to make more sense to me.

I am hoping to travel more as I have now retired, so could do without the worry of checking INR etc with warfarin.


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