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cyro ballon / burn ?

hello had my first ablation a yr ago for paf , I had cyro balloon . but now need a second one as they have picked up atrial tachycardia they said this time it will be a burn . can anyone tell me if they both work as well as each other thanks ,also been told no need for anticoagulants before ablation either as im not at risk , but I was on anticoagulants before when I was first diagnosed with paf ?

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I presume that you mean a radio frequency burn. The problem with cryo balloon is that it is only possible to freeze burn in a ring, hence the usefulness for isolating pulmonary veins. If there are other sites firing off then an RF ablation is needed. I don't understand the lack of anticoagulant unless they are saying since you don't have AF you are not at risk.



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