Hello again everyone, I posted a few weeks ago about being one of the 1 in a 1000 for whom something went wrong during ablation. I suffered peri-cardial tamponade. Well I saw my EP a week ago and after wearing a heart monitor for 48 hours and an ecg I've been told that everything is fine and bisoprolol dosage can start being reduced. I'm down to 7.5 from 10 and all being well will go lower again soon. I feel so much better after being told everything is good. I've made contact with another member who lives close by. It was great to meet up and chat to someone who understands. And I walked 6.5 miles on Saturday, no ill effects at all. Life is pretty good again .

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  • Good news is always welcome. So glad things are looking up.

  • That's the best of it....when life is good again. So happy to hear it! Keep walking and be well!

  • Excellent - well done on your recovery

  • Wow 6.5 miles. I am very impressed.

  • It was completely flat Barb1, beside the canal. Surprised myself.

  • So good to hear your news! Often we only hear part of the story.

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