Feeling breathless

Feeling very breathless. I've got to get the pace maker tested on the 16/2/2015 then see the consultant on the 26th . I'm booked in to have the cardioversion at the end of March. I can't remember feeling so rotten the last time that my AF lasted this long. Has anyone else had problems with pace makers ? I reacted very badly to the digoxin and amiodarone and that took ages to get through but I don't seem to feel better at all. Terry

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  • Hi Terry, I'm afraid I can help with your question, but don't want you to think nobody cares ? sorry you are not feeling better and I hope you do soon.

  • Tried to insert a teddy emoticon but a question mark came up instead :(

  • Hi Terry. Sorry to hear you are feeling bad. I too get breathless in AF and also have a pacemaker but not reliant on it. It doesn't help at all at the moment but it does keep a record of heart's activity. Have you had pace and ablate?

    This worries me but when I am in AF I think the procedure would solve all the horrible symptoms even though I will still have episodes of AF. I reacted badly to Digoxin too, also flecanide and propofenone ( spelling:-S). I hope the cardioversion is successful and sorry I can't be of more help. Best Wishes sue N

  • I can't help either, but I would say that at times things can feel bad and then suddenly you can just get one thing sorted and it turns a corner and everything seems improved. Do hope you feel a bit better soon and then your appointments will get you back on track.

  • I also have a pacemaker, not reliant on it. Have it due to severe bradycardia. + propafenone. how long have you had this pacemaker? After I had had my first one for 6 years I got some odd heart symptoms and when my pAcemaker was tested it was "weak" and after 6 weeks it was prematurely replaced by a new one. The symptoms disappeared. My pc is regulated to min 70/min and max 140/min. When resting it always holds 70/min. I have had Very symptomatic PAF episodes but they have resolved spontaneously after 12 hours so far. So I don't really know how I would feel if in continuous AF. I have wondered if pm can have anything to do with those symptoms but drs do not comment on that. On the other hand on this forum there are a lot of people telling they have severe symptoms without any pm. I hope you get better soon and get things sorted. Maybe you could report to someone taking care of pm testing how you are feeling and get an extra control. Most interested to hear how you are doing and what explanations you get.

  • Thank you all for your replies, what I can't understand is how people on the forum who do all sorts of normal things when in AF and I m laid so low. I keep wondering if this is the dregs of the digoxin and the amiodarone that made me so Ill . I've never been quite so washed out wth it as I feel this time. It is ruling my life at the moment as I can't imagine being able to walk anywhere. What's more is I feel so down. Roll on the 16 th Feb for the pacemaker check then I see the cardiologist at the end of Feb and the cardioversion at the end of March. It seems such a long wait. Thanks for your kind support. Terry

  • Just had a thought, I looked back over your history, low sodium etc, and I wondered if something else could be wrong? If you have one condition it is so easy for everyone to blame symptoms on that! My husbands IBS turned out to be an aortic aneurism....oh dear, hope I have not given you more to worry about?

  • Late comment to Terjo. My sister,74 and PAF, had something similar last year. She got very tired and short of breath and in AF. After a few weeks she started digoxin treatment and it helped. A few months later cardiologist stopped the digoxin because she had AF. My sisters condition detoroated again, breathless, tired with swollen ankles. Hospital said it is heart insufficiency and put her again on digoxin and diuretics. She already had ACE medication due to hypertension. ( i think the ACE goup is today THE medication for CHF). She continues with that and is feeling much better. Apparently the long lasting AF drove her to heart failure. Just another thought.

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