A Very Enjoyable Trigger!

I've had almost constant AF, day and night for weeks now, quite bad at times. But it suddenly stopped about 3 days ago and I've been feeling back to normal life. Maybe the odd little quiver but nothing more.

But we went down to the Royal Albert Hall yesterday to see my favourite band of all time, play my favourite song of all time, and on quite literally the first note, my AF starts off jumping all over the place. It didn't worry me but was uncomfortable and a strange experience. The AF gradually declined during the song as I got used to it, and by the end I was back to normal and have been since, so far, fingers crossed!

I'm a real music lover but never had this before, have you?

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  • Who and what??!!

  • Tedeschi Trucks Band, Midnight in Harlem. I knew someone would ask that first :) :)

    If you want to listen to it in YouTube, search with the phrase "Midnight in Harlem etown" and that's a good recording of it. Not everyone's cup of tea mind you, but I play guitar (play being a bit of a over-statement), and the guitarist, Derek Trucks, is amazing as is his singer wife Susan Tedeschi.

  • When I was newly on meds just after a big episode I was teetering on the brink most of the time before they increased the dose. During that period I found that I could switch my AF on and off at will by changing my mindset. One way to switch it on was the bittersweet feeling of listening to music with memories of happier times. The girlfriend and I are in the audience here, see if you can spot us:

  • OK, I'm guessing you're the one with your girlfriend on your shoulders, in white, good guess or not?

    And PS. Yes, mine is defo triggered psychologically but haven't managed to control it that way other than avoiding certain circumstances, like dreadful films, or going to parties that I don't want to go to etc etc.

    And is there a prize for identifying you?

  • If you can find us among that lot it's more than I can ! :-D (I've spent ages looking though)

  • And I just spent 3 hours looking for you :-/

    Worst AF I had was having to watch a film (The Guard). Found it annoying, but I was at the end of a row and felt I couldn't really get out. Never again, always book an end seat now or I don't go. And if we don't like the film, we leave.

    That's one advantage of having AF, you can get out of all sorts of things you don't want to do ;-)

  • Wow, that's a real emotional roller coaster! I've never had AF triggered by a film or a song, and to hear about someone being able to switch it on at will by changing their mood is incredible. I hope the AF doctors read these posts, there sure is a lot to learn still about this stuff...

  • " being able to switch it on at will by changing their mood "

    I can't do that now, it was just because I was teetering on the brink during the few days after a big episode, and not on enough flecainide.

  • My first episode was about 18 months ago when I'd spent all day assisting at a Christian rock concert. Very load and pounding music! I asked my consultant if this could have triggered it but he just laughed!

  • Sounds like my EP. When I told him I got AF after seeing a dreadful film, all he wanted to know was what film it was :-D

  • I think that sometimes AF can be triggered by adrenaline. The number of times my AF has started when I got nervous or too excited. I have been trying to relax more when I get too excited and it seems to be working. May be we have a problem with our adrenal glands in some cases.

  • Agree with you Lucybod my gp calls it adrenalin induced AF. Terjo

  • I just have A F constantly since it started at the beginning of August....I'm on beta blockers and warfrin and awaiting cardio version fingers crossed.

  • Really lovely music Koll - quite enough to make your heart flutter. Thanks for the introduction and hope your normal continues.


  • Glad you like it Tina, great band and they were awesome live. They do some really unusual stuff that's very hard to classify, sort of blues, gospel, jazz, rock, country, all mixed up into one.

  • I agree also with Lucybod since that input covers everything mentioned above

    Stress is the key factor ;)

    Recently I had 3 attacks in the midnight due to nightmare :(

    That is why I have zanax in my handbag to use it whenever over stressed

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