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Medical alert

I know we have had many a conversation about Medi Alert cards, bracelets etc but I came across this recently:- entering our local supermarket a stand run by the Lions, giving out free containers (the one you keep in the fridge for ambulances etc) and an A4 sheet of paper with a circle printed on it which folds up and will fit into a tax disc.

I know many on anticoagulants worry if they are in a car accident, how would the rescue crews know the increased risk of bleeding, well here is your answer.

They are working in conjunction with MedicAlert medicalert.org.uk

I thought there was a place you could download and print out but can't find it, if/ when I do will post.

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This was touted about a while back by West Mercia Police and is down loadable from internet if you want a "tax disc" form. The ICE (In Case of Emergency) pots to go in the fridge are a good idea too. and you can load ICE into your mobile phone as well which saves you buying a bracelet or pendant.



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