Do any of you wear SOS talismans or Medic-alert tags?

I don't think I fully understood how serious my condition was when I was first diagnosed, it was only after one of my medications cased my AF to become VF and I collapsed in the street that it occurred to me to get an SOS talisman. I was so seeply unconscious that I was unresponsive and became incontinent and a passer-by was doing CPR on me. It was only when I began to come round that I was able to tell the paramedics that I suffered from AF and they told me that had they known (had I been wearing an SOS talisman) they could have treated my sooner and differently. They were just treating me as 'unconscius - cause unknown'. For this reason, I would reccommend that anyone with AF get a medic alert tag or SOS talisman.

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  • Hi Wiccan ,I wear an SOS talisman , and have done so for the last nine years since being diagnosed with AF, it was my warfarin nurse who suggested that I got one, just make sure that you keep the information up to date.

  • I wear an alert anticoagulant silicone wristband...I never remove it. When I order my next one I will add Angina and AF to it. Thanks for sharing your advice.

  • Hello Wiccan, I now wear an SOS Talisman too. I also have a copy of my meds prescription in my bag in case of emergency. Once diagnosed and on medication I falsely thought I was safe and well protected.

    For the next three years I continued traveling throughout the country for my job, working very long stressful hours in a high level job all without any med alert with me. I was told by medics to live a normal life so I did!

    However AF came back and hit me so hard (similar to you). To say I was shocked and floored (quite literally), is an understatement. Since then my fear has escalated and my confidence has plummeted, I have taken early retirement in order to slow down and lessen stress - no more ridiculous early starts and late finishes for me.

    Take care.

  • Your job sounds like mine! I'm still doing the long hours, early starts and 100s of miles a week. Like you, I've been told to live a normal life and I intend to do so for as long as I can.

  • If you do not mind me asking what kind of work did you do ?

    Enjoy your free time, have a walk go for afternoon tea some where, spoil yourself and....

    Take care


  • Excellent to wear SOS talisman. Have also discover on an Anti coagulant site that drivers can also have a Red Alert fastened with Velcro around drivers seatbelt - next investment when I get back home from visiting daughter. We have always got to ere on the side of caution!!

  • A interesting thought about wearing a talisman, something I have not really given much thought to - until now. What an excellent idea to have a red alert around your seatbelt, if it is fitted on with velcro you could change it around depending if you were driving or a passenger. I would be grateful if you could let us know where you can get one from please. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Wendy


    Hi Rupert and Wendy this the Web site - hope it wil help both of you and all A F's.


  • Thank you so much for this migmog. Such a simple, but life saving gizmo. I think the price is very good too, I will get my order off today. We lived in Bromley for 30 years and I never heard of Anticoagulation Europe! Wendy.

  • Just a slip of the finger or two, plus time to

    Spare and an I pad!!! That's how I came across it.



    excellent with service and care


  • Brilliant, thanks. I am going to order one for myself, one for my cousin and one for my husbands young colleague all of us on anticoag for either AF or DVT. Really pleased you have highlighted this product.

  • thank you for bringing these things to help keep us safe. Shall be ordering them today.



  • My partner makes me wear one. I would like a nice silver bracelet but he bought me a horrible blue silicone thing as he thinks its more obvious (or perhaps he was being mean)!

  • That's strange mine said the same thing. Mind you that was after I had broken two chain link bracelets! The silicon one does suit my lifestyle better. I have 8 different colours. So I sell according to my mood. X

  • I wear a medic alert bracelet and have done for about 2 years. To introduce myself, those on the other site know me well. I have had high blood pressure for 30 plus years and developed AF about 12 years ago. ~In that time I have had many cardioversions, 4 ablations and ended up with an av node ablation. and pacemaker 4 years ago. Life has been much better since then although for some reason going through a rough patch.

  • Hi Wiccan - I personally wear an SOS Talisman medical bracelet. Thank fully I have never needed it in an emergency situation yey, but it does give me real peace of mind when I go out. I git it here:

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