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One week post ablation

No more AF since last Friday which I am pleased about although I know it can happen and doesn't mean it hasn't worked. I went to see my GP yesterday as I have a small hematoma at the entry site which isn't infected so haven't got any antibiotics so far. Any advice on what to do with the hematoma and the best cure would be appreciated. I am resting with my feet up as much as possible. I do feel breathless and have noticed my pulse is quicker than before the procedure which I am sure is normal. I have another week off work so will try and rest as much as possible. Will keep you updated. Off to watch another film!! Bella :)

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HI Bella. Yes raised HR is normal after ablation. Mine was around 80 for about 8 months actually but eventually returned to normal 68. The haematoma will disperse on it's own eventually. I had some super muticoloured bruises for several weeks after mine. Extended from waist to knee ! and quite a talking point.

Relax and enjoy the film.


Hi Bella - I had a hematoma after my first ablation and with shame I must admit I made a fuss about it. I was convinced that something had been left behind inside me from the procedure. Mine was just over an inch long and about the thickness of a pencil. I went to see my GP who said that it was quite normal, however he didn't tell me what it was. A few days later, convinced he didn't know what he was talking about, I took myself off to A&E and there it was all explained to me. I had never heard of a hematoma before. Anyway all I had to do was leave it alone and after a few weeks it had dispersed on it's own.

You will feel drained after your ablation, but hopefully now it's a week after you will gradually start to pick up. Don't be in a hurry to go back to work and certainly don't go if you aren't feeling 100%. I think I had just under 3 weeks off when I had my first one (had desk job) and had retired by the time I had my second.

Enjoy your film.



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