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Had an episode of fast Afib 13 months after Cardiversion ~ Damn! Anyway they gave me a bag of Magnesium and Flec 50 BD and Meto 25 BD. Also Rivaroxaban. 20mg. 12 hours it reverted. Last time with Sotalol was walking around with it for two months. What do we think? I feel great.I will see Cardio in a week. Do you reckon I should knock of the drugs and use them pill in pocket or keep on them? Obviously I will pay attention to Cardio but what is the general experience?

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  • I found that the drugs were worse than the complaint even though I had a fairly symptomatic attack every two weeks. If they work for you and you don't get bad side-effects then it's not such a problem but I put up with them for months not realising that they were at the making my condition considerably worse..

  • Same here........been taking Digoxin for 12 months, saw cardio this week & was told the digoxin was'nt doing much good on it's own. ...then why ? grrr

  • I take a combo of Propafenone (an anti arrhythmic similar to Flecainide) and Metoprolol. 3 weeks away from 3 months post ablation review I am still taking Propafenone daily. I ONLY take Metoprolol to control rate when in fast AF episode and then only if it lasts for hours, hate the effects but keeps me <100bpm and keeps me away from hospital; the minute I convert I stop this.

    My tuppence worth (not a medical one) would be stop and use as PIP. I usually call my GP and discuss.

    The problem with messing with your own drugs without medical advice is you don't know if you need planned withdrawal. However Flecainide is prescribed as a PIP and doses upped to match episodes and I stop and start Metoprolol as it suits (I was told by doctor that it was a slow release over the hours the day I accidently took a dose twice).

    Hope this helps and glad it was a short lived bout.


  • For the first time, like you I've just used Flecainide and Metoprolol to halt a period of fast Afib, the rate settled in two days whereas it usually goes on for months. The Flec made me feel quite ill though and I really wouldn't want to take it again, but rather that than tachycardia for months! I'm going to ask my EP if I can try Propafenone (just as a pill in the pocket).

  • Did it settle the rhythm though?

  • I think so. My heart is still doing what I call a 'pinging beat', which I'm very aware of. Just a strong beat that's a bit like a guitar string being twanged. It wasn't easy to sleep with that last night. During the day I'm not so aware of it, but just wish it would go. I'm feeling quite well now.

  • Did taking the flecainide make you feel ill?

  • No. Finding it smooth except when the dose kicks in about an hour after taking it pulse can go to 55-58 - bit slow for my taste usually 72. That combination reverted me quickly - I could feel it reverting a few hours after taking it. So much better tha Sotalol but as BobD has pointed out NICE have dropped it. All it did for me was bring on postural hypotension. Hmmmm see how it goes. Thanks for input you guys.

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