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Hi, I'm just back from spending Christmas in Gran Caneria ( a lovely treat) and although I was anxious about 'what if' all was well. For a start my travel insurance almost trebled due to my AF - and I searched high and low for the best option. I also know that stress and anxiety causes my flutters so tried to keep calm!

The flight was smooth and all was well, however I had a headache which lasted the full first day. It was warm but not too hot (about 24 degrees on average) so that was good, but if we went high up into the mountain areas my heart went into overdrive! So we stayed coastal.

I had two glasses of red wine each night with dinner - no probs - but one night I had 3 and ............. yep off it went again! I was able to maintain my diet and avoid my triggers and stayed decaffienated with my drinks.

I realise this is all about balance and that we are all different with our diagnosis but what I have accepted is that I can do things I was a bit scared about last year when I was diagnosed and that I have medication to help me cope.

So I wanted to share my experience with you all and wish you all a very Happy New Year.

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Thank you for sharing - so pleased you had a good holiday - and a Happy New Year to you.

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As I have always goes on and we just need to learn our envelope. Happy New Year now.



Shame you can't go into the mountains. We went up once on a dull day, through the layer of mist, then you could see the mountains sticking up out of the clouds and it was bright sunshine up there, magical. I remember each mountain being a different colour for some reason?

Have a great holiday.

Koll :-)


Happy New Year to you too. We are about to renew our yearly travel insurance, I hope ours doesn't treble !!!!


Thank you for your telling us about your holiday, it is great to hear positive feedback as it really does help to reassure me that it's important to remain positive and you can go off and do things, remaining aware of your limitations!

I got insurance through Good To Go which I thought was very reasonable.

Wishing you a happy new year.


So glad you enjoyed your holiday and that it boosted your confidence. Right now I'm debating whether to put myself through the whole airport circus again! Once on the plane I'm fine!


I still travel- better to have aFib in a new setting! As for thé alcohol, we all test our limits, and learn!!!

Great job being so brave to go- it gets better!



Pleased to hear you enjoyed your Christmas well done you !

Happy New Year hope you have some more good times to come.



I'm really glad you had a great time and it's very good to know that it's still possible to enjoy life to (almost) the full with AF, isn't it? Warms my heart to read this :)



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