Well I did it, I found All Clear Travel would insure me while waiting for an ablation, I took a very deep breath and went for it. We've just got back from a week in the Algarve, it was wonderful, yes I had a few sticky moments, but I would have had those if I had stayed at home. Coming home today I felt for the first time in over a year that I am once again in control of my life and not this mongrel condition.

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  • That's so good to hear and long may that in control of your life feeling last. Inspirational for others to hear.

  • Jean, it was fabulous, the warmth, the light, the people, all combined to remind me life is worth fighting for, and on my return a letter with the date for my ablation was waiting on the door mat. I'm terrified and excited at the same time. Woo hoo 5th of June here I come.

  • Oh my gosh it's not long before you have your ablation is it! That was as bit sudden for you, or were you expecting your date that quick.

    I went to Portugal about 25 years ago and loved it too. Now all I can remember about it is chicken piri piri and going on a fantastic jeep ride into the hills.

  • Last time I contacted the hospital they told me there was an eighteen month waiting list, even though the consultant told me 5 months, so this has come out of the blue. I am on their cancelation list so maybe some one has dipped out.

  • OK then if I have another lunch in Mid July you will be OK to come then? I am so glad you are learning live life in spite of AF rather than with it. Well done you. So happy for you.


  • Just let us know the date, looking forward to it already

  • I am so so pleased. Definately a big step forward. Now roll onYour ablation.x

  • Very pleased for you. A wonderful holiday and now a date for your ablation. You don't have long to wait. Good luck and keep us posted x

  • there is life with AF and post treatments whether they work long term or short term

  • Sounds like a wonderful holiday and fantastic news - best of luck with the ablation! Hoping very much for great success.

  • Thank you everyone for your good wishes, I'm excited and terrified in equal measure, I'll let you know how I get on. x

  • G'day MammaCass,

    Well done, now you've discovered how to put this mongrel in its place ... how about next hols go for Hong Kong or

    Sydney :-) - just joking. But you have discovered how the journey of a lifetime begins with the first step.


    Aussie John

  • Oh yes John, Hong Kong is on my list as is swimming off the Barrier Reef. 16 days to my ablation and then the sky's the limit!!!!!

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