Ablation is done

Well firstly thanks very much for those who posted back I was very moved to realize that others care and were 'with me 'today. The Ablation itself was 2.5 hours and I was awake but sedated and even watched a bit on the screens. I am staying the night for observation . Anyway I feel ok , just a bit of trouble with the groin incision as it bled a little no pain though . I will post again tommorow as its been quite a day. As others have said in past it's often the worrying that's far worse than the actual op I'm smiling and going to sleep now . Please keep positive those that are awaiting theirs . Goodnight much love Michael x

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  • Thanks for that. Glad it went well. Have a good night and take it easy!

  • Thanks for taking the time to reassure us all. I am so glad you have had an o.k. experience. Rest now and let others organise Christmas.x

  • Great Christmas present eh? Sleep well.

  • So happy it went well. Merry Christmas!

  • Very pleased it went well for you, but please don't rush things, take it slowly, even when you're feeling good on the first few weeks. Have a great Christmas Michael x

  • Pleased all went well for you, I agree the worrying is the worst bit. Take care and have a lovely Christmas.

  • Well done Michael....Take things easy for a while as your heart will be "angry" for a few weeks and will take sometime to settle down....

    Seasons greetings to you and Happy and Healthy 2015


  • Great news now go and enjoy Christmas

  • Great news. I'll be following your recovery with interest as it's a procedure I'm considering! Also have paroxysmal AF and missing exercise, sport, etc. - have a good holiday rest

  • Really pleased it went well for you. Have a nice relaxing Christmas now. Best wishes Mary

  • I had one under sedation and watched it on the screens. It was fascinating. They knocked me out when it started to hurt a bit. And I was elated for a few days afterwards, I felt fantastic. Must have been the drugs I guess.

    Glad it went well, Happy Christmas.


  • Glad it went well and just in time for Christmas, so remember to rest up, however good you feel at the moment having got it done.


  • Had mine exactly one year ago today! It was great experience and I hope it will stay inline forever. I wish you quick recovery from the groin bleeding, don't worry it is nothing and will heal before you know it! Merry Xmas all.

  • Pleased all went well, two weeks tomorrow since mine and I'm feeling pretty good. Take it easy though as I started doing too much as felt so much better after a week and put myself back a bit. Have a great (and restful Christmas) Maria x

  • Well done Michael....

    Relax and have a great Christmas.

    All the best. X

  • Great news Mickey, and what a good start for Christmas and the New Year.

    Best wishes, John

  • Good news Micheal have a Peaceful Christmas x

  • The first post of the day and it's good news. Hurrah!

  • Michael, you must be so relieved to have it behind you and you can now enjoy Christmas. Where did you have the procedure? I am having my procedure on the 15 January and cannot wait to have it behind me. Please post regular updates as I would be interested to see how you progress. Wishing you a speedy recovery and don't forget to rest :)

  • Pleased everything went well for you. Take care and get plenty of rest. Have a happy Christmas.

  • Great news Michael - wishing you very well - as everyone says - make sure you rest, A restful Christmas and New Year.

  • Hi Michael you must be relieved it's all over. My ablation was 2 weeks ago and I rested for a week then increased my activities last week. Yesterday I swam a mile in the local pool admittedly I rested often between lengths so as not to overdo it. It felt great. Long may it continue I wish you well in your recovery.

  • Morning Michael, so glad it went well. I hope you rest as others have advised and enjoy Christmas and New Year.

    Angel blessings and healing.


  • Hope you doing well, I wish I had got sedated, they just gave me pain relief as there now trying out up here in Glasgow, so I was wide awake all through it! Lol

  • Ablation is done Update . I would like to thank all you great people for responding to my post. Happy Christmas and a positive 2015 to all . Well I'm back home now with slight discomfort when I breathe in. I had a pig of a night as my heart was as it was put 'angry' and I experienced some palps and aches, my jaw ached for a few hours. At around 7 am my blood pressure dropped and I felt as if I would faint ( I didnt) this was swiftly followed by a film of sweat all over and then A horrible urge to be sick. This was explained to me as a vasovagal response and this out of the 2 days I spent there was the most scary, anyway I was given a drip and and all was back to normal within 30 mins. I would still have the Procedure with this knowledge but it has to be stated that this was My Experience and others may or may not have similar symptoms.in the end I bullishly got out of bed and got dressed as I felt so vulnerable in bed all that time and I actually felt much much better as I asserted more control over my fears and feelings . I was fully investigated again to be sure with the usual ecg. Bloods and X-ray as was talked through all that I experienced. I was very nervous but the excellent medical professionals were great and handled me well. Anyway I am home for Christmas and my family insist on me chilling out for at least 2 weeks and I will not argue with that . I will post again in New Year . Once again thank You ALL for being there much love Michael XX. There is Hope for us all , so please believe that right this minute :-))

  • I bet your so relieved it's all over. I am waiting to have an ablation and to be honest I'm terrified....it's so good of you to post so soon after having your procedure and reassuring the likes of me. I hope your recovery goes smooth and that you are feeling great soon. Thank you and good luck xx

  • one of the techniques that worked for me is to Visualise yourself AFTER the Ablation. Close your eyes and see a more positive image, explore the new things you will be doing , how good you feel, notice sounds and smells keep it all positive. when the feeling and images are at their strongest and powerful Take a 'snapshot' in your mind and keep it there stored for whenever you wish to access it .

  • So glad for you, keep smiling

  • :-)

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