Christmas AF Poem - add your own verse

Please add your own verse.

A variation on Jingle Bells please add your own verse(s). Sorry know I should have waited until next week but just couldn't.

Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh,

All in sinus rhythm and laughing all the way.

Bells on Bobs sleigh ring, a wee dram makes him bright.

What fun it is as Ian skis by checking we're all right!

Tibetan bells, Tibetan bells Grandma plays today.

Oh what calm she brings to us in a caring peaceful way.

Tibetan bells, Tibetan bells jingle all the way.

Oh what fun to be so well on a snowy Christmas day!

Jean x

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  • Jean jean writes verse

    Although she is no nurse.

    Rosy has a glow,

    despite the falling snow.

    Flapjack is no slouch

    for sitting on the couch

    Oh what fun it is to see young Carol with her pouch.

    oh etc

    (no I don;t know what it means either but it scans


  • Blimey......I've been mentioned in dispatches!!'s hoping everyone has a wonderful Christmas and, of course, a healthy and peaceful 2015. A big thank you to Bob, Ian and RosyG for their help this year, and everyone who has helped me and others using the wishes, John

  • Ouch!!!!

  • Hahaha. Brilliant! Have a very Sinus Christmas:)

  • I love this.....well done Bob too.

  • Fantastic!

  • Crikey Bob you better get on Britains Got Talent!!! Merry Christmas

  • My My we have a lot of talent on here you better join Bob on B G T, keep going folks we can have a show if our own here. Lol

  • Yep BGT here you and Bob come! Thanks for the chuckle :D

  • Come on someone else add a verse please. With hindsight perhaps we shouldn't use forum members names in case we accidentally cause offence. My fault, sorry.

    Jean x

  • I’ve got some flecainide. I’ve put it on one side,

    I’ll take a bit if things go wrong - AF then won’t last long!

    It has to just behave, while we all have a rave

    Sinus rhythm, that's the thing, for happiness to bring

    Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells,

    Festive greetings, all

    This forum brightens up our day:

    Of sunshine it’s a ray, hey

    Jingle bells, jingle bells,

    Take care, try not to fall,

    If too much trifle comes your way,

    You’d better take that sleigh

  • Brilliant. Thank you.

  • Great Job!!

  • Here's one

    "Just siting on the couch - I forget and slouch

    Vagus nerve reacts - I'm in A-fib, Ouch!

    Try cure # 1 - Drink OJ till its done

    Potassium kicks in - and I'm NSR again!!

    Jingle Bells - Afib's hell - It stokes my wildest fears

    Holter monitors, ablations, drugs - It's been going on 10 years

    So I read this forum - To learn the norms

    You're insights have been great

    Happy Holidays to you all - Before it is too late!!!

  • Love it! Well done.

  • My mind is a complete blank but we'll done the rest of you. Maybe I will be inspired later.x

  • What a festive but topical giggle. Thank you all for having a go, I'm not good at rhymes. But I appreciate your efforts. Happy Christmas everyone.


  • Dashing through the door, on my way to play

    Pick up key from floor, heart goes way hey hey

    Alarm bells star to ring, chest feels rather tight

    Rhythm goes ding ding , oh no another scary night

  • Great and so appropriate.

  • Hi Jean,

    The whole thread is really very very entertaining,creative and festive but like Dedeottie my brain is temporarily out of action...CX

  • Jeanie, you rock! I'll get back to you with a verse once I think of one!!! You're the best!

  • Well, this isn't a whole verse, but here's a chorus...

    Take a walk, get your rest, put that cookie down!

    That way you'll be NSR when Santa comes to town!

  • Wise words. I was quite pleased with myself re the lines I thought up for you in my poem. X

  • As was I :-) Very clever. I could not have thought all that up if you had promised me a million dollars!

  • Well done all of you...lovely talented folk you are! I hope you all have NSR Christmas and peaceful New Year...and thank you all for your postings and support this year.


  • Ablation a success?

    Try not to second guess

    Feeling pretty well

    Only time will tell

    Remember golden rule

    Do not be a fool

    Do not hesitate


    Thanks for the support

    From everyone who's here

    Happy Christmas to you all

    And AF free New Year

    HUMBUG!! The last verse doesn't scan

  • Your verses were spot on.

  • Full of Xarelto glee

    No INR for me

    I'll eat my sprouts and what I like

    Now I'm Warfarin free!

    Oh! Rattle pills

    Doctor fills

    Our tummies full of meds

    All we want is a quiet heart

    As we lie in our beds!

  • Hmm, like the poem and the message it contains which gives me a lot to think about. Great stuff.

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