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Consultant Table Tennis!

Well it was time to visit my lung specialist at the hospital today. To find out what my SA test had shown up? Ask why I have not heard about the PR I was supposed to go on?

Got there early and went through the reception process with the most miserable person on the desk as I greeted her with a smile and a "morning!" Response or lack of was confirmation idle chit chat was not going to work here. Usual name address etc. confirmed mobile last 3 digits, then looked me in the eyes "land line number?" As a hater of non courteous conversations I replied "Yes" Pause... "What is it?" " I have no idea cannot seem to remember it" Back to the screen and handed a paper sheet and told to go though the double doors and leave it in the box on the wall.

Only 10 mins after my appoint time I am called though to the weigh station nothing much changed so herded to the next corridor to wait for the main man this time. He greeted me with good firm handshake and told me to sit down. He started out the the SA is not at a stage that he feels I need to be treated at the moment but most of the problem with my sleep is down to my breathing and my heart problems. So no change there, will still have bad nights sleep :( Went though how I am and what is affecting my breathing etc. So I thought good time to mention I was supposed to have a PR appointment but have not heard anything? He said that with my light exercise intolerance it would do me more harm than good :(

So he moves on to the inhalers which of late have not been working GP said that's the RLD . Consultant then throws the curve ball I must take my Seretide with a spacer! I have never had one or been offered one before? ( I will get back to that ) Then he rummages though my notes and asks am on still on a particular tablet which I have not been for years now. Produced my list of prescriptions explained that my Sotalol have been reduced from 3 x 80mg a day as my fingers and lips went blue to 2 x 80mg! He explained that because of the beta blockers they are also blocking the Seretide so I need to come off them! "But will that not then affect my heart problems" I asked "Well that is what the cardiologist will have to sort out?" It will not change your PH it will not help your Paralysed Diaphragm your Lung capacity will remain the same at best because of the RLD, but you may see a difference in 8 weeks?

He then says I will get you looked at by your cardiologist and starts to dictate into his machine demanding an urgent appointment for me to see the cardiologist to find a solution!

I am not sure how this is going to pan out as the heart doc has said he has ran out of options the last time I saw him hence the reason my Pace and Ablate was cancelled. Plus I have not done very well with some of the wonder drugs that are out there?

Finally back to the spacer he writes out the prescription for me to pick up from the Hospital Pharmacy and says he will see me in 3 months. Drop the prescription in and told 30 mins given a slip with 22 on, so time for a coffee! Order my coffee and while away 30 mins people watching and what an interesting bunch some of them were? by the time I got back to the pharmacy they called out 17 :( Always the optimist thought not to long now 60 mins 20 is called only for them to find the product can not be taken in the form they have? 90 mins and my number is called! With this extra time I am met with a £3.00 Parking charge :(

Be Well

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How utterly frustrating I feel for you. Terry


Lol X You have too


You would cry if not!


The consultation is difficult enough for you without all the peripheral annoyances, I don't know how you stayed so calm with the receptionist - she must be due for a refresher ( do not be rude to patients ) course.

Have you thought of asking to see a different cardiologist if your usual one is running out of running out of options?

Don't lose the optimism.



My cardiologist has a broader outlook on my conditions he even put me in for Anderson Farby test as I ticked all the boxes but was clear.

I do not know what else they can offer apart from Beta Blockers maybe Calcium channel blockers? I was on Verapamil but not for long and I cannot remember why I was taken off them?

Always the optimist, who just has a moan now and then ;)


Do ask for Pulmonary Rehab. again. We had some people on our Course that were on permanent Oxygen and still they had exercises geared to what they could do and what would improve their lungs. Also ask for an alternative to the Beta Blockers. They are really bad news for people with both AF and lung disease.

I have always used a volumatic for my inhalers, but saw a new young Consultant three years ago and he suggested a "breath activated" steroid inhaler. I haven't looked back in that department since. There is no pushing of the inhaler and timing your intake of breath - its brilliant.

Do contact me if you want more details.


I can't believe you are in such good spirits after all that hospital rubbish. You are certainly an example to me as I can feel my patience dissolving after much less than you have had to put up with.x


I have been told to many times I am lucky to be here. I try not to get stressed out of human beings being human beings. But believe me when I blow I am not a nice person to be near!

My philosophy on life is If I wake up I am not dead enjoy the day as best you can, Get things off your chest if you want to.

Be Well


I will remember that x


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