Went to have my Warfarin check today, my level was 4.6, supposed to have tooth out today also, but was not allowed to. My levels are

Virtually always out, but usually on the low side, the nurse asked me if I had done anything differently, I told her that last week I suffered with vertigo for three days, and one of those days I kept being sick and was unable to take meds that day, also I forgot I was supposed to take 7mgs for two days and 6mgs the rest of the week, she said that it was a good job I did, as my levels would have been considerably higher. Two weeks before levels were 1.9, week before 1.6, week before 4.9, I have been on warfarin for 8 years now, and it has never been stable. This week I have to stop warfarin for two days and then 6mgs until I have my bloods retested again on Friday, I'm just so fed up with it

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  • Sorry to hear it's difficult- if I were you I would consider self testing as you would be able to adapt as needed. The machine is expensive £300 but it's worth it if it's possible

  • Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I cannot afford one of those, I've also found out that my gp or hospital does not support self testing

  • No it is a lot to pay out- if you find you really can't get in range with Warfarin you could discuss NOACS with your GP or even the Atrial Appendage Occlusion devices which are used for patients who have difficulty with anti-coagulation The AFA have information sheets on all these things .

  • I know the feeling! 5 days ago, I was 2.6 on my Coagucheck. Yesterday, I attended the clinic and it was 5.4!!! You tell me what the answer is. I know that there are these new anticoagulants (NOAC's?) that are much less sensitive to changes in one's life style or medication but there seems to be some question about stopping a bleed should one occur for any reason. I had a haemorrhage a few years ago when a bad case of oesophagitis became worse and ulcerated. Amongst other things, I was transfused with vitamin K which quickly tackled the clotting factor. Apparently, with the new anticoagulants, vitamin K doesn't work. I guess I would, therefore, unless reassured otherwise, stick with the devil I know! At least, as I do generally self-monitor, I can immediately add or subtract one mg. of Warfarin and keep a check until things are back to normal.

  • Have you considered seeing if you are suitable for taking one of the NOACs?

  • Yes I am going to try

  • How frustrating for you. I could not get a consistent INR on warfarin. Changed one month ago to Apixaban and find it a much easier regime. My consultant told me that as it is slow release there is a very rare chance of a bleed. As someone else said on this forum they are not going to stand by and let you bleed to death. Please at least discuss it with your consultant. Keep well. Patricia.

  • Thanks for your reply, I have taken your advice on board, I would quite happily change meds if I can

  • Thanks for the reply, I will happily change if I can

  • Hi Dragonlady. We are in a similar situation as regards INR except than I have only been on it for 17 months during which time my levels have never really stabilised. It was the anticoagulant nurse at the clinic who said I would be an ideal candidate for a NOAC and I'm waiting for an appointment to make the switch.

    As the new meds are considerably more expensive than WRfarin, some GPs are reluctant to allow the switch, so a little persistence may be required. In my case the anticoagulant nurse was able to persuade my GP over the phone!

  • I spoke to the nurse about changing to NOAC's, but all she said was that I would have to discuss it with my GP, I don't see a consultant, everything is done by my GP. I'm seeing her on the 30th, to discuss the problem with my COPD meds as they are not working anymore, I think the next thing will be oxygen therapy, then there is my diabetes meds to consider, along with the fact I'm on very heavy pain meds, I don't think she will change from warfarin, but I will try

  • Thank you for your reply, seeing my GP on 30th, will discuss it with her then

  • You are entitled to go on these new drugs you have to decide yourself which one after the Consultant has explained the pros and cons. Been on Apaxiban for2 yrs no side effects Had some tooth surgery recently medic advised stop tab night before andday of op,no problems.

  • I'm sure you would be an ideal candidate for a NOAC too, and NICE is recommending them - you may need to lean slightly on them but it will be worth it... As your INR is so unstable I'm sure it's something they should be considering.

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