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Unrelated operation

Brief History - Persistent AF since March 2013. Unsuccessful Cardioversion August 2013. Catheter Ablation Feb 2014 - good for 7 weeks. Amiodarone 200mg from May 2014 converted back to NSR without Cardioversion. Amiodarone reduced 100mg August 2014, persistent AF again from October 2014. Back up to 200mg Amiodarone and cardioversion planned for this Friday (12th December). After all that I need to have an unrelated operation which needs me to be off Warfarin for 5 days. Anyone any experience of this sort of situation? How long after Cardioversion before I can (relatively) safely stop the Warfarin for 5 days?

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That is not something I think we should offer advice on. Please speak to your consultant about that I think.


Your cardiologist and the surgeon need to consult with each other directly I think.....


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