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hello had ablation done in January

had ablation done in January , and had a small bleed but everything fine . I stopped flecinide in august and since doing so have had lots of etopic beats , my ep said to me in email to go back on flecinide for a few weeks till things have settled down , last week I had a 2 min of af but iam very worried at moment about something else so could that of set it of . i was on flec before and had no problems , just a bit worried about restarting them again , i also take 2.5mg of bisporolol in morning and 1.25 in eve , i do not take dabagatran no more to thin blood as doc said i had a 0 score . how long does it take for things to settle down after ablation ? , i have paramoxyl af or did have hopefuly x

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Difficult questions. I would have thought that your heart would have stabilised by now so it may be that you need some medicinal support for a while or even a second ablation if you actually are having AF events again. Ectopics are not AF which can only really be diagnosed by ECG so don't give up just yet. When I was in that position I spoke to my GP and arranged to be able to pop into the surgery for an ECG at short notice if I felt things were awry. This often showed that I was NOT in AF when I thought so.

Regarding anticoagulation (not blood thinning as it isn't please) there is a body of opinion that this should not be stopped as ablation does not remove the risk but this subject is rather one to be decided between doctor and patient after full discussion. Many of us remain on anticoagulants for life out of choice.



would it still be ok to take flecinide just to settle etopics , im just realy worried of going into af again , I had no etopics while I was on fleinide before .


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