ARREST-AF: A Turning Point in AF Care

This is an interesting study and can be found at:

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Unfortunately, none of the suggestions mentioned apply to me but others may benefit from these possibilities.

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  • Below is the opening paragraph in this study.

    "The Aggressive Risk Factor Reduction Study for Atrial Fibrillation and Implications for the Outcome of Ablation (ARREST-AF) may be a small study, but its findings provide big gains in our understanding of the link between AF and cardiometabolic risk factors, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, alcohol excess, and sleep apnea."

  • I apologize for continually adding comments. Check out the "Related Links" to the left of this article for more in depth information. There are also many other AF studies on this site. The following link gives a very good overview of AF; and this overview or something similar, probably should be a must read for anyone who has AF. Be sure to click on "Next Section" at the bottom of each page.

  • Thank you. I am keen to pursue an aggressive weight management strategy and this might help my motivation to do so.....


  • Thanks Mac, I really need some motivation to lose weight and this certainly helps. That and explosives, maybe...


  • Lis, you always make me smile :-) Hope you are feeling motivated today! You can do it!

  • The only one that might apply to me is the sleep apnea which is so often ignored. Good article, thanks EngMac. I really like the systemic approach and it does seem to be catching on. They didn't mention stress factors and if you are going to take a systemic approach I believe that has to be factored in. People often eat because they are stressed and it also affects sleep.

    If only we all had the ability to access support for these seemingly overlooked factors such as diet, stress and sleep.

  • I guess I missed this last week when I was traveling. YES to all of that! It's time that everyone understands that the stress, the sleep, the diet and the exercise habits over time can either keep you well or make you sick. It's easy to brush off this advice when young and healthy. It's tough to look back and realize we should have managed our stress better, exercised more, skipped the donuts.... The good news is that we can definitely turn back the clock and significantly improve any disease state by starting the good habits today!

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