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Warfarin pros and cons

Saw Cardiologist last week and he agrèed l could try tabs instead. Have a blood test booked for Tues. Should l go, as l do not see GP til Friday? Only side effects l have on warfarin since l started in September is a very pale face which all comment on and the hassle of diet and blood tests.

Would like to hear your comments.

Have started taking Magnesium Citrate 2 x daily. Cons says a lot of folk doing this but no scientific evidence that it helps. I beg to differ. He did concede to the fact that patients have to be treated holistically these days! At last the NHS has woken up to this approach.

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When you say tabs, what do you mean? NOACs (apixaban, dabigitran, rivoxaban) ?


I'd say if you have a test booked, you should go, they may want to know how your INR is before you move onto something else... I presume you're going on to one of the new anti coagulants? I don't find warfarin too bad at all, though I have rather the opposite problem - if I have a glass of wine my nose glows like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!


Been on Warfarin since 1992 has it,s ups and downs but to honest I will stay on warfarin until I am in my 70's when cranial bleeds could be a problem. Or they have a proper testing and antidote for the NOAC's

Good little read here.

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I don't know what tabs are but I have been wondering why none of you take Eliquis?


Hi Di

Eliquis is the US tradename for Apixiban, and there are some people taking this and the other newer anti-coagulants, however they too have their challenges with no immediate reversal agent yet, and of course the cost issue which should not be a problem with our NHS, but in reality often is.

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Thank you for the info. I was recently able to go off of anticoagulants. Was on Eliquis - no checking for levels or not eating certain foods - seems so much easier.


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