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I saw my EP on the 4th July and decided to go on the 4-6 month waiting list for an ablation at the Heart Hospital in London. I called my consultant's secretary today, only to find out that I am not on the waiting list due to the copy of the letter he sent to me on the 7th July not having been emailed to London. I was told today that there is now an 18 week waiting list. I did say I assume as I have already waited 19 weeks I should have it sooner, just to be told they are really busy and they are using other London hospitals for the procedure. Not sure what to do now.

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  • Not a lot you can do is there frankly? These things happen especially when two separate centres need to work together. I would write and put your case in the hope that they may find a cancellation but suggest that you check things like warfarin and INR requirements first as unless you are already and have been on warfarin with a suitable INR for a period of time then chasing a date may be a waste of time. Most EPs require an INR between 2 and 3 for at least three months before ablation. followed by stopping five days prior with clexane injections for those last five days.


  • Thanks Bob, I thought that may be the reply. I was asked whether I could do short notice but due to having to be on anticoagulation for a month before I wouldn't be able to do it.

  • Then go to your doctor NOW and ask to be put on warfarin so that you are properly anticoagulated in case they have a cancellation. You should have done this long ago so perhaps they never explained it as well as my EP. It could well take you several weeks to get to a stable INR so get off the computer and on the phone now!


  • Sorry to hear that Kiwi2. I saw my EP on the 7th Nov and received my letter today informing me I had been placed on the waiting list. I was told that my waiting list (Leeds area) would be approx. 12 weeks, but I assumed since I got this letter another one would follow shortly with an ablation date. Is this the case? If so does anybody know approx. how long prior to the ablation a date for the procedure is given? I would have done the same as Kiwi2 and just sat in anticipation.

  • Hi, Jason I had my ablation at Leeds Infirmary and waited just the 12

    weeks I was told, I got my letter with the date approximately 3/4 weeks

    beforehand. Shirley.

  • Thanks Shirley, that's great. I'm still waiting on my GP to get me started on warfarin, but I'm going to call tomorrow. My EP said I may need to give them a prompt :)

  • Hi. I had my first ablation, 3 1/2 years ago, at the London Heart Hospital. After my consultant referred me over I never heard anything for weeks. It was only after my contacting them (my GP would not do it) did I learn that the referral had arrived but not acted on. After that everything was fine but delayed by about 2 months because of this. One has to keep these deptartments on the ball, and knowing whats going on is essential.

    Having said that the Heart Hospital is the place to be.


  • Had my first ablation at The Heart Hospital in 2009 and found them super efficient. Was actually offered an ablation date within 6 weeks of a consultation there.

  • Once they got going on me they were wonderful.

  • The one vital thing I have learnt on my A.F. journey is never to assume the medical wheels are turning on their own. I have had to chase appointments, check I'm on lists, question decisions and fight foe explanations every step of the way. Most of my problems have been overcome once I have got past admin. My apologies here to any medical admin people because I know how overworked you are. My point is simply that you have to take control of your own health and treatment. On the plus side no one seems to mind you doing this in fact I think they are quite glad! X

  • Too true. ! Reads like myself.

  • Thank you for all your replies. I have learnt my lesson and will not assume anything :)

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