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I was initially referred to a cardiologist, whose clinic I have attended once. He ordered an up to date scan of my heart and I now have another appointment with him in Sept. I wasn't too happy and after reading up on the forum and asking around, asked my GP to refer me to an EP ( which he begrudgingly did) I now have an appt for an ECG in November at Papworth followed by an appt with an EP in December. Would you keep your appt with the cardiologist in sept - just so you could get the results of your new scan. Or would you just leave out the cardiologist and go straight to the EP? Thanks x

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  • Personally, as it's already arranged I'd go to both.


  • I agree with Koll. My Cardiologist refered me to an EP. I had an ablation 3 weeks ago in Liverpool. My Cardiologist has just sent me an appointment for early October at the local hospital in North Wales so he obviously wants some continuity. I'm glad about this as if I have a problem then he's here, locally.

  • Agree with Koll do both. You might learn something.


  • Definitely take both up- as Bob says, you will learn more about your heart, gather information from the cardiologist, and be in a better position to know all the options for treatment- if your cardiologist ordered a heart scan, he or she sounds as if they are good so well worth getting their opinion

  • Similar happened to me, I attended both. Cardiologist will probably refer to EP but good to keep your local cardiology clinic on their toes.

  • My suggestion would be to keep the September appointment……..it's a steep learning curve and important information can come out when least expected. Also you need to keep the support of everyone in your team but remain firm on what YOU want to do.

  • I would go to both Jollies and then discuss your future appointments with the EP. They are specialists in their field of heart electrics & i have found their opinion invaluable. Thats not to say you dont need to be seeing a cardiologist too as they will focus on your heart function. Will this be your first time going to Papworth, I go there for transplant assessment & cant praise them enough. Good luck

  • Thank you Porsche. This is my first visit to Papworth and it is my local hospital too x

  • when is your appointment? I have appointment there 29th September x

  • ECG on 12th nov and meet the EP on 2 December x

  • Without doubt, I would go for both.....I think we need all the information and opinions we can get. Keep all the bases covered.

  • Go to both can't do any harm karen

  • Go to both make the most of being given the appointments.

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