What would you do?

Had an ablation 2 years ago.EP signed me off his list last September but said to contact him if AF came back. At the end of March and most days throughout April I had AF for a couple of hours at a time ( evidenced on Alivecor but not fast only about 70bpm with only minor symptoms)

I did go to my GP and she sent of a request to the EP to see me. I have now received an appointment at the Royal Brompton in London (NHS) for June -amazingly quick. My question is this, I haven't had an episode of AF since the end of April should I go and see him or cancel and let someone who needs it more than me have the appointment ? I have a nasty feeling that the moment I cancel , it will kick in badly .S.d's Law !


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  • Hello Fi and I understand your view completely. Having said that I would go anyway. I have an appointment with JRC in July and when I rang Janet and asked why she just said he wanted to keep an eye on me and keep me on the books. Sounds good to me.

    Show him your traces as it could just have been ectopics but good to find out.


  • If there is little to discuss, your appointment will not take up much of your EPs time, although it might take a slice out of your day. But it is an opportunity to discuss what now seems to be in the past, unless before the day you have some recurrence. If you keep the appointment, you'll be fine. If you cancel it, as you say, you'll more than likely wish you hadn't.

  • Absolutely you should take advantage of the appointment.

  • I attend the Brompton and they seem to be willing to keep giving 6 monthly appointments- different things have arisen over the time i have attended and it is very helpful to being the system and have tests swiftly when the need arises

  • I'd go. You may be having AF during the night or even during the day and not noticing it. I had a monitor fitted for exactly the same situation as you except it was 8 years after my first ablation, and the monitor caught AF that I could hardly feel. They then did another ablation on the basis of that.


  • Thank you everybody.

    It's what I thought I should do but still feel guilty taking an appointment when I am not feeling ill at moment but we all know how AF can change at a whim and who knows by the time I go to the hospital I might be very grateful for the appointment.

    Thanks again for the advice ,I can always rely that I will receive words of wisdom here.


  • You should be having six month followup appointments anyway. The one sure thing about AF is that you're never really rid of it as long as you keep aging.

  • Glad I took everyone's advice not to cancel my appointment in June. I'm back in AF today, although not symptomatic .


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