Are you dreaming of your 2015 holiday?

Are you dreaming of your 2015 holiday?

AF Association knows that obtaining reasonably priced travel insurance can be difficult, especially if you have a pre-existing health condition.

To help, we have created a fact sheet that lists travel insurers who may be more sympathetic to those with AF and other conditions.

To find out more please visit:

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  • Thanks for this post AFA. We're just off to Iceland for a bit of winter sun! And reading this I just realised, does my insurance cover me? Going to check now, think I'm just covered for Europe and Iceland isn't Europe is it.


  • Must check your insurance list. Sounds good. Many thanks.

  • Thank you, I have saved for my next holiday

  • Good list, I have printed out for future reference. Bear in mind that some of these firms will not cover if you have a pending procedure.

  • Guys may I add one to your list?

    Literally this morning spent an hour on the phone getting quotes from your list and this was the cheapest as recommended by "fallingtopieces" in an earlier post on the forum

    I've just paid £119 for annual worldwide cover (without USA) and with AF declared.

    Really impressed with them.

  • Will give them a try I have been quoted £1400.00 highest to £920.00 the lowest so far for 2 weeks in Spain! I do not just have AF.

  • I think I'd got to Bournemouth Offcut !!!

  • It is worth shopping around and phoning up. I have procedures pending so some companies would not touch me! Paid £49 for a week in Turkey with holiday extras. To be added to hubby's bank insurance would of cost £100, but they said they would still cover me if I broke my leg!

  • Just phoned SAGA, and Iceland is in Europe for their purposes, so I'm covered.

    We pay £249 p.a. for me and the wife, Europe only cover with SAGA, 45 days max one visit, no limit on visits, something like that. I have an arrhythmia but nothing much else, my wife has nothing. But I do know they pay up as my aged father-in-law had a big claim a couple of years ago when in the Canaries, and it was all handled well and no arguments.


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