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Having a back operation in December

Hi everyone my heart has been great since my second ablation 15 months ago with no afib episodes since, so for all of you awaiting ablations try not to worry the results can be great.

My only downer at the minute is that I have to go for a discectomy at the beginning of December. I have suffered from a bulging disc for years now which has usually given me intermittent problems which has been sorted out by taking boswellic acid. This time however the pain has got worse and has refused to go away. I did try physio but that simply made it worse ,my physiotherapist assured me my problem was muscular and treated me accordingly ,my mri scan showed the slipped disc in its full glory.

I am coming off warfarin 3 days prior to going into hospital which doesn't worry me , my only worry is the operation have any others had this done and how did it go.

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I haven't personally but I had a friend who had slipped disc in the lower back and had an X implant put in to realign the joint. It worked a treat and she hasn't had any further problems.

I believe there are several ops for this, my chiropractor is very against the op which fuses the vertebrae as he believes that causes more problems in the long term, but that is his personal view.

I think if the pain is so bad it is stopping you doing what you want, then it is time. My only suggestion is that post op and when you have recuperated that you find a really good Pilates teacher and take the classes. This is how I avoided surgery about 10 years ago and I have absolutely no back pain now but I practise a little bit every day.


Hi LakesLad. Yes, I've had two laminectomy ops (same thing as a discectomy I believe). Originally I was sent to all sorts of 'cures' osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapy. The last 'cure' finished me of and the disc prolapsed with much pain! The resulting operation really helped and my back was so much better. That was in 1995 and 12 years later I had to go in again as (I wasn't getting any younger) my legs were getting very weak due to the effects of sciatica. These nerves don't rejuvenate themselves if they are cut off for a year or more and permanent damage and its effect are permanent. This is why it's good that you are having this done now and good to look at it as prevention of future problems.

The op is amazingly effective. Take it easy for a while afterwards and then you will be leaping around like a new person! Good luck.



Thanks Dadog 1 Your comments are really reassuring , I was worried about it but I know that you are 100% right in your comments. Like you I have seen and tried the lot as far as cures go and now my only real option in surgery . I will keep you informed as to how I get on. Once agains thanks for your reassurance.


Please do. Like to know how you get on.


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