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Interesting website about plants for health and medicine

I found this website when searching for recipes to use Japanese quince,

It is not cranky and is careful about saying you should always consult a conventional health professional first. It makes a really fascinating read for anyone interested in natural health.

And by the way I discovered that quinces have anti inflammatory properties!

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No, my fault, posted link now


Agree about avoidance if you can, unfortunately I have inflamed lungs and it is impossible for me to avoid all causes so a food that would generally reduce inflammation in the body might help. Also, I seem to recall that there is a theory that AF may be associated with inflammation in some way? seems logical.....

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I think I have had asthma since childhood but it was not identified as such until middle age unfortunately as I suffered a lot of ill health. Much better now as I use a regular inhaler and take an antihistamine as well. I am affected by so many things, pollen, dogs, mould, house dust - only alternative is to live in a bubble!

My AF seems to be brought on quite often by a virus. I have noticed a few obvious triggers but I try not to obsess about it as so far I have been quite lucky compared to some.

I know some members are very interested in healthy nutrition and alternative therapies which is why I posted the link :)


Thanks Buffafly, I'm just having a look - I see they do gluten free products, which will interest a friend of mine... Big website, just trying to find natural health things now :)



Sorry, not got the hang of cut and paste on tablet! I saw the site you mentioned, bit naughty I think, them, not you!


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