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Managing NOACs

Hi all,

I'm shortly changing over from Warfarin to Apixaban and this will be the first time I've had a twice a day medicine regime. Normally I take all my meds, including warfarin, in the morning but none is that time critical. On the other hand it is going to be very important that I take Apixaban at two set times each day and I wondered how others manage a similar situation either with this drug or others. I know that I couldn't simply rely on 'remembering'. I thought of setting my watch alarm twice a day, a function it does have, but the volume is so low it can easily be missed. But it needs to be something that will be 'on the person' so that it follows me around.

Any practical suggestions or ideas?

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When I get a new pack of Apixaban/Flec or Bisop I cut the pack into daily doses. I take Apixaban at 9am and 9pm and have a very noticeable dish sitting prominently where I make breakfast and supper. Each morning I put a day's supply into the dish and before going to bed each night I make tea and check that the 'daily dish' is empty.

So far, it has worked for me - I think the secret is to have a fixed routine.


I take mine around 9am and 9 pm - breakfast and 9 o'clock news on TV!! You'll be surprised that you'll get onto your own routine to suit your lifestyle. I'm sure remembering to take two tablets will be a lot easier than maintaining your INR level! Good luck


I have a repeating alarm set on my mobile phone for 8am and 8pm. It works for me....


I'm twice a day, and yes I miss them sometimes.

My problem is not being at home and then working late and coming in at say 10pm and forgetting, I have a schedule on the wall which I tick off, but still forget. Mornings I seldom miss.

Try a phone app, some of them seem pretty good, "Medisafe" is a good free one and "Rxmind me" if you use one of the (A) phones (had one for 6 months and ended up stamping on it I hated it so much)

I'm going to try Medisafe and see if I can actually get a whole month's warfarin without missing :)

Be well



I set my phone.


Im twice a day. I leave them on the kitchen worktop under my nose so take them straight after my breaky and after my tea! I put a packed in my handbag should I get to work and realized I've forgotten to take them. If I forget a dose I just take it when I remember! Simples :-)


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