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Quite by chance following the recent discussion about going to the dentist I had to have a tooth extracted this morning. NO PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!!

I reminded my dentist about the non adrenaline injection and he laughed. He said in his opinion the injections (which were not painless) cause as much natural adrenaline as the normal injection would so he felt it was all a bit of a non event really although he complied with my wishes. INR up to 2.5 is quite acceptable to him and all he did was to apply a pressure pad for a minute or two and give me a few extra so I didn't look like Dracula after a feast on the way home. 1/2 hour later and face is coming back to life and bleeding stopped.

OK so I know we are all different and some people have higher pain thresholds etc but trust me when I say I am a devout coward about dentists and this was a breeze. I would still rather have an ablation mind than go through it too often.


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Thank you for the reassurances, Bob - good to know.


You're not alone in being scared stiff. I had a tooth out recently and shook like a leaf in the wind before the injections

but all went well and no pain. They were very kind and understanding. Hope it's fine now. Terry


Hi Bob, I mentioned previously that my Dentist in Australia was more concerned about infection and advised me to take 4 antibiotics before any treatment, he does this for all heart patients and doesn't proceed until he thinks that the area is infection free. He gave me a script for this.


I wrote about the risk of infection in a previous post about dentistry a few days ago,.



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