Stiff and painful neck. Side effect of medication?

I have a stiff and mildly painful neck that definitely started when I had my dose of flecanide increased quite a few months ago. I have been rather slow in linking the two but even my husband remembers me mentioning it. It feels a bit like your neck muscles feel when you are starting with flu. I am having it x rayed next week to rule out arthritic changes. Any one experienced similar?

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  • Sorry to hear this dedeottie I'm back on the Flecanide for a month and hating it but not had any neck stiffness just the weird eyes again and the shakes but will watch out for that side effect...hope you get it sorted !

  • Thanks. Hope you are ok too. I have discovered that the weird eyes get less weird after a while and according to my optician no damage has been done. I would rather not have to take it of course. It sounds as though you will be able to come off it soon though. Fingers crossed for you.x

  • Yes, I get this and notice it when sat reading. I thought it was due to having more pillows at night which I find helpful but maybe not….

    I have been on 200mgs Flec for 6 months.

  • I also sleep with more pillows than I used to but have been doing so for a lot longer than taking flecanide so don't think it's that. It is interesting isn't it. I wonder if anyone else has this problem.x

  • I started having a stiff neck and also bad headaches last year. I went to my chiropractor and he cured it every time. But, within a day or two I'd be back to square one. I mentioned this to him and he said I was squinting a lot and apparently a lot of muscles are used squinting. So he said try sunglasses, so I did and hey presto, no more stiff necks and headaches, not one. So I reckon one of the drugs I'm taking has made me sensitive to light.

    Just a long-shot but maybe worth mentioning?



  • Hi. Not such a long shot actually. Flecanide has made my eyes sensetive to bright light and I do wear sun glasses outside but maybe I should be better at wearing my ordinary glasses all the time as I know I squint when I cant see properly! Thanks for that. Will let you know the results.x

  • Glad to hear dedeottie there is no permanent eye damage from Flecanide... I've got trigger points in my neck which cause my headaches....suffered for years with cracking ones!

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