Pink Carnation Supper 4th October Hyatt Regency

Hi all, just to let you know the table is booked for 7-30 but I will be in reception from about 6 30 with some flowers for those too tight to buy their own. lol I also have some safety pins!

Looking forward to meeting new friends.


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  • That's great Bob- had been wondering where to get flowers from!! Looking forward to seeing everyone,


  • O.k. I will be there. Looking forward to meeting you all. X

  • I'll be there wearing my artificial pink carnation-look-alikey brooch but as it probably doesn't look very realistic, Can I cadge a real one off you if I may Bob?

    What is everyone doing with their overnight bag on the Sunday? Leaving at the Hyatt or is there somewhere to leave them at the ICC?


  • HI,

    I will leave mine in the foyer again this year...Carol...

  • Pat I have ordered a dozen to pick up Saturday morning. We can probably leave our bags in reception like some did last year. I hope to be parked somewhere near anyway. There is a bridge across the road from the Hyatt to ICC by the way.

    Off to see dawn French in a few minutes at local theatre,


  • I saw her one woman show in Cardiff a few months ago. I loved it but my hubby practically went to sleep! X

  • Queens Hall, Bob..? Have many Sat night memories from there and some I'd like to forget ( lol). Sandra

  • Yes Sandra, I'm sure that the ice cream girl was there when you were! Dawn was hilarious but dirty! The couple next to me didn't come back for the second half. Tossers. lol My evening was only slightly spoiled by the fishwife behind me who cackled loudly over most of the punchlines. I couldn't even turn my hearing aid off or I wouldn't have heard Dawn at all. She does have charisma in spades and I think to carry a 2 hour show on your own is pretty good.

  • Bob, I would imagine that Dawn was pretty entertaining but expect her to be dirty!

    Our Sat nights were usually dance nights so the ice cream girl might have been twisting the night away then....Have a good weekend in B'ham.

  • Hi Bob,

    I plan to get there around 3.30 as I will go and see my Narrowboat friend in the Marina across from the Hyatt.Carol.

  • Do you mean Hyatt reception or ICC reception?

    My daughter lives in Birmingham so I will spend my time from 11.45am (when my train arrives) until dinner with her. No doubt that will include some shopping!

    Originally I was going to drive up(100 miles) but have now booked a first class return train for £35!! That's with the ICC/ virgin train discount.


  • Hyatt reception. Saturday evening.

  • Wish I didn't have to cancel. Would love to have come .Hope to hear all about the highlights. Am off on the QM2 on Sat for a few nights. Sandra

  • Me too wish I could come but apart from the ablation and feeling fragile.... my daughter is moving house that weekend so she need someone to make the tea and serve the biscuits!

  • I'm in my room at the Hyatt Birmingham now but I won't be wearing my carnation brooch to dinner this evening after all. I've forgotten to bring it with me!


  • I'm here too . I've got some weak looking specimens salvaged from my vase at home. They have been in my case and look the worse for wear. Don't think k they will last till tomorrow! I'm on the 20th floor.... can feel vertigo coming on ( joking) x

  • I'm on the fifth floor and apparently I'm a Hyatt Gold member! So having a free newspaper delivered in the morning ; )

    I'll see you downstairs in a bit.


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