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Hi I wasn't very clear in my previous posts but I was wondering if there are any others on similar drugs to me. I am 57 years old (female) and taking Sotalol 120mgs twice a day and now on rivaroxaban 20mgs nightly. My AF has been stable for the past 6 months but for the last 7 days I have been flipping in and out. I have recently had a chest infection and was wondering if this has caused the problem. Do others know what flips them into AF ... I would be interested to know. Cheers

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Sotalol did that for me, kept me steady for a year then its efficacy started to decrease. I notice you are on double the dose I was taking. Did you start on a lower dose?

And yes, for me to a chest infection does make me prone to more bouts of AF.


Sotalol worked fantastic for me for about 6 years then in the last 18 months I have been in and out of AF approximately 4 times; it used to last exactly 13 hours but the last two occasions I have been flipping in and out for up to one week. I only commenced on anti coagulants 5 days ago and I guess that's a good thing even though they scare me!


Hi Deelan, sorry I don't think I can help as there are some questions that are unanswerable. That is what triggers AF. Many threads on this subject and different for everyone although some trends like alcohol, caffeine, certain foods, exercise, sleeping on one side or the other etc etc, for every one identified, someone else will have no problem with it.

That also applies to drugs. AF and reactions to drugs are so individual it is pretty much trial and error. If your AF has become progressive then it may be that the Sotolol isn't effective anymore. I know that is what happened to me with Flecainide. Suggest you ask to see your EP again for a review.

I have never taken either drug.

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I am seeing her next Monday ... can't be quick enough for me


Hi - I'm 57 and female too, on bisoprolol and warfarin. All sorts of things do it - overdoing it in the garden, too much alcohol, too much to eat, we're all different! Sometimes you just don't know. It's a right mongrel condition...


Hi,I had a random episode earlier this week and all I could pin it down to was bending to get a pan out of a cupboard I have had something similar taking things out of the oven - think I should give up cooking a g


I know sometimes I think it's brought on by sleeping on my left side, so something positional can definitely do it. Getting out of the cooking is great if your other half's a good cook! lol


Chest infections are a know trigger for AF in some patients . You should also discuss your drugs with your EP as Sotalol is no longer recommended under latest NICE guidelines.



Sorry to be late with this reply but are you also prone to acid reflux?

Regards T.


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