How long does breathlessness last

9 days since my cryoablation and I have been very breathless from immediately afterwards. I know this is quite common by reading other posts on here but can anyone tell me when I should expect it to get better. I had a GA and a little complication of being low on oxygen for several hours after the procedure and they had trouble getting the tube and TOE down my throat. I haven't been able to take a proper deep breath at all since the procedure and still need at least 3 pillows at night. I've also developed a chesty cough and what my daughter describes as sounding like a box of kittens from my left side (not sure if its coming from my throat or lungs). Any little exertion leaves me gasping for breath ie having a shower. Lots of heart racing, a day and a half of afib and several flutters but know all par for the course, so not panicking Any advice please?

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  • Speak to the arrhythmia nurse where you had it done in the first instance. I would expect you to be tired but see no reason for such breathlessness. Is it because of pain on taking a deep breath or does that make you cough? That said we are all different.

  • Thanks Bob I will give them a ring tomorrow. No pain just a lot of crackling and squeaky noises on trying to take a deep breath. It does makes me cough too. I just can't seem to fill my lungs. The most is 5 seconds in whereas before I could do around 11 secs.

  • Hi Surreyhunni, hopefully you will get some help from your Arrythmia nurse tomorrow. Assuming you live somewhere in Surrey (???) if you do not already know, there is an AF Support Group that meets on the first Wednesday of each month at Epsom Hospital starting at 5pm. There is normally a posting on the forum a week or so before each meeting to confirm details of the speaker and the location of the meeting within the hospital. The webpage is:

    RosyG is the co-founder. Hope you find this helpful and that your breathing soon improves....

  • Thank you Flapjack, yes i'm in surrey. I didn't know about the support group so thanks for the information.

  • I would see your GP if you can. I've had complications with my lungs twice, once after long GA and one after ablation and they were taken very seriously though turned out to be OK so I have learned that you should have breathing problems investigated.

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