Ablation at last !

Hi everyone just wanted to update as haven't posted for a while . I had my cryo-balloon ablation on wed at Coventry .Procedure went well-3.5hrs under sedation . Medical and nursing staff all were great . Apparently I have an" excitable atrium!" Cons says and had to be cardioverted 3 times ! ( have the minor defib pad burn to prove it!-a lot of kudos from my husband!) A 60 percent chance of success and have had to start flecanaid (for that excitable atrium !) feel good just so nice to even have a short term relief from AF symptoms .i would just like to thank everyone who posts on here as you have given me invaluable insight and allowed me to manage my expectations and my AF burden . The past year would have been miserable without you all ! Thanks again , Basia x

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  • Good news now take it very easy and make sure you are pampered and looked after for AT LEAST two weeks.


  • That's fantastic news! Recovery gently. Enjoy NSR, and remember that now all that work has been done, make sure your lifestyle includes good exercise and healthy diet. Ablation success rates increase with healthy lifestyle changes! Be well!

  • Thank you x I am definitely going to take on board the healthy diet and lifestyle-have always read your posts with interest x

  • Well done !! Really hope it lasts for you

    Best wishes

  • Thankyou x

  • Well done! now take it easy and be well!


  • Thanks Wendi x hope you are well too x

  • Hi there, I'm wondering who your consultant was in Cov. I'm seeing one from there next month😊

  • Hi sent you a reply but it went missing ! I was under Dr Osman but was done by Dr Hayat which made no odds to me as I hadn't met either of them before the procedure ! I only met Dr Hayat in the procedure room and on discharge but he was an approachable and pleasant man and I'd have him again ! x

  • Yes, I am seeing Mr Osman, thank you😊

  • Great news Bafia, take it easy and progress well.


  • Yay, so happy for you. It's like a new lease on life!

  • Thankyou yes it is nice to feel positive for a change .Have to seriously stick to those lifestyle changes now😁!

  • well done- stay well!

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