I have been on warfarin for nearly a year,i feel ok,it is a bit time wasting,sitting at the hospital for at lest an hour waiting for a blood test,but i am 73yrs so am not at work,and i take a book.I am just happy not to worry about having a stroke.i have been reading all the comments people have written and have not been told which foods i should/should not be eating,does it affect NRI?

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  • Hi brown brooksy

    If you've been on it for a year and have a stable INR, then the answer is carry on eating what you have been eating.

    Some clinics make a big thing of it, but the truth is really easy

    Avoid cranberry juice, eat dark green vegetables in moderation, don't change your diet suddenly and don't binge on anything.

    That's it really.

    Be well


  • And no binge drinking (alcohol) :-(

  • Memo to Happyjo from HappyJohn ......... yeah thats right no bingedrinking alcohol ...... but for god sakes don't stop it either ..... drinking alcohol that is !!!! Couldn't do without it doesn't seem to worry the heart, or the warfarin or my INR. I'd be totally devastated if I couldn't :-)

    Cheers ........... glug! glug!


  • Thanks for the advice.You seem very knowledgeable,i have been reading lots of things on this site,and you have answered lots of them.Do you take Warfarin,and what do you think about Simvastatin.

  • Couldn't improve on Ian's advice ..... steady as she goes. Remember, we all react differently to different things. Suggest if you wanted more info you see if there is anything on the AFA website - perhaps under warfarin. Failing that you could get on your computer and search for something ... like - 'Food and Warfarin' or 'Vitamin K and Warfarin'.

    Simvastatin - no problems. Have it prescribed at 40 mg a day, take it at night, helps reduce my cholesterol which is currently around 3.3.



  • Hi Brown Brooksy,

    No more knowledgeable that any other longish term person with AF, you pick up a lot on this forum.

    Yes I take warfarin, and yes I take statins also, I have read all the fairly recent press about statins, and even with relatively low cholesterol I continue to take my low dose statin and am happy to do so, I do watch out for muscle and joint pains.

    I accept that I am on warfarin for life, and am happy for the protection it offers me, and also that my highish calcium count needs an additional aspirin for protection. I also take diltiazem and atorvastatin.

    Be well


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