Warfarin and pain medicmedications

I suffered terrible back pain for many years but  successfully kept it under control using NSAIDS, namely meloxicam intermittently plus Omneprazole daily to protect against ulcers. But when I developed AF I was put on Warfarin and told not to take any more and told to take up to 2000mg  .. acetaminophen  But it gives me insufficient relief. The pain makes me feel that its relief is more important than protecting myself against strokes. In  my case although I have AF it has been symptomless, but I  guess that because I have other heart problems that my cardiologist has kept me on wafariin. 

I am  85 and probably dont have much time left, so why should I liv3 in pain so as just to avoid a possible str4oke


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  • Why not enquire if one of the new anticoagulants (like apixaban, rivaroxaban or dabigitran) might suit you?  They may not react like warfarin does with what you'd prefer to take.  It's worth seeing if quality of life can be improved by something other than the cheapest.

  • Negative on that---at least according to my cardiologist. No anti-inflammatories allowed.

  • Have you asked to be referred to a pain clinic to see if there are any alternative treatments which are not so detrimental to health as NSAIDs which are known to cause AF - which is probably why you were advised not to take them.

    I know life can be pretty miserable living in pain and quality of life is important but I wonder if there alternative solutions rather than NSAIDs?

  • Thanks. Unfortunately I live in a country with no health care. So I can not afford the treatment that a pain clinic has advisrd me. Namely surgery for my shoulder and back. But at 85 it is a risk anyway and the recovery time is too long. I really have to rely on pain medicine 

  • Have you tried a chiropractor or similar? I been going for decades on and off, had some terrible back pains which they've usually managed to deal with, no drugs required.


  • If you type in pain killers in the search box there are a few posts on there about different pain killers.

  • Hi I take Meloxicam daily for Rheumatoid Disease,I also have AF ,I was started on Apixaban which is compatible with Meloxicam,good luck!

  • I am on Warfarin and have hip and back problems which cause me pain at times. I cannot take ibobrufen etc since they give me side effects so my Doctor  after discussion prescribed me codeine which, for me gives me both muscle relaxation and pain relief. Everyone is different in their reaction to drugs and what works for one person does no necessarily work for another. My greatest fear is losing our Natiional Health Servicewhich has kept me walking and driving for the majority of my 75 years. it must be difficult living without it and being advised unaffordable treatment. I hope you find some pain relief soon.


  • Codeine with paracetamol is effective  but it worsens my constipation considerably  I do eat salads and fruit which does help but  codeine  makes it worse.  

  • Yes I can have that problem. A difficult dilemma pain v. constipation. I take straight codeine without the paracetamol which I find helps and drink lots of water which does help but is boring!

  • cant get straight codeine here.  but might try combination and lots of water. Accupuncture removes 50% of my pain, but it must be done weekly and it is a bit of a problem getting someone to drive me there. Also it has to be done by a qualified  trained doctor, who fortunately I have found.   

  • I too had been taking aspirin for years before my first episode of Tachycrdia turning into an A Fib episode. I was quickly taken off aspirin and told it was not good enough to use as a blood thinner. I was put on Apixaban instead.

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