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If this sounds daft, please blame the anaesthetic! I have lone persistent AF and yesterday, I had a successful Cardioversion so at the moment I am back in rhythm. I know there a many well known triggers which can set off episodes for folks with PAF. Is it likely that those triggers could also cause sinus rhythm to revert or am I losing the plot?


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  • Sorry John. I'm not really understanding what you are asking. I understand that you are back in NSR (normal sinus rhythm) following a successful DC cardioversion. Are you asking if triggers could send you back into AF? If so then yes if they are triggers. That is the whole point surely. Many people share some triggers whilst others don't have any and just pop into AF because the heart feels like it. Mongrel condition this AF. I never really found a trigger for my AF although it was probably vagal related.


  • I'm not really sure what I mean either Bob! I assumed that if, like me you are in persistent AF, then triggers would not be an issue, because you are always in AF. But now that I am "not" in AF, could I do something unwittingly which could cause me to revert to persistent AF. I know CV success rates can be variable to say the least, but it would be sensible for me not to provoke a return to AF - maybe I should read a good book and let nature take its course!


  • Some people say that drinking ice cold water, for example, sends them into AF. I was told by a cardio nurse to try putting my face into ice cold water as a means of stopping palpitations. So in that case, I suppose you could say that ice cold water can both trigger and stop an episode of AF. I think that the effect on the heart is shock in both cases.

  • If you want a shock try eating where we went out to dinner tonight. Been there loads of time but tonight was dire! Ah well they didn't get a tip for sure.

    John just be positive and enjoy it while you can. As my old Aunt used to say, "you don't know what's hanging till it drops." It may go back into AF on its own but agree that you shouldn't provoke it ---if you ever knew what was a trigger. Difficult one that.


  • Sorry to hear about your dining experience Bob!....I appreciate your comments, I am just pleased I'm back in NSR. The good news is that Ian has provided a 10 yr warranty for the CV!!!

  • Seems to me that certain triggers could start you off again if you push it, like loads of caffeine or alcohol etc. But I am guessing :-) , just seems logical.


  • Many thanks for your replies, guess I just need to be sensible!

  • Caffeine, low magnesium or potassium in the diet, pressure on the heart- e g swimming on your back, pressure when lying flat,lack of exercise, high blood pressure all may trigger thins,

    looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday at Surrey ASG!

  • And you too Rosemary, best wishes, John

  • Wow how was that ??? Is that where they burn the Pathways. ???

    I'm new to AF only 2 months.

  • You are thinking of ablation. Cardioversion is where they shock you to try to restore normal sinus rhythm.

  • Thanks Bob I was in Hospital for a small op two days later it set off my AF. I'm on Metoprolol 50mg & flecainide 50 mg

    I'm going to see how the Meds go for 6 weeks hopefully it will settle Down with out any thing Invasive. At this stage.

    I've given up Coffee & Wine. Doing the right thing at this stage.

  • it is wise to learn what are your triggers - for me:

    white wine (not all)

    lack of sleep

    heavy cheeses, after dinner or raclette, fondue, pizza... out of the question


    Early on, if I was in a situation that "required" I eat some or I was just tempting chance, I took digestive enzymes before and after the meal and it did usually help.

    Once my AF evolved to every two days for 5-12 hours at a very high heart rate, I had to stay away from everything that was a trigger.

    Long live NSR, you are there now, enjoy it. It is so hard to not sit in waiting, but do your best to distract yourself with what you like to do. Do your best to not become an AF hermit!

    Take care

  • Thank you Iris, it is difficult but I intend to try and get back to normality starting with a few days holiday next week. Best wishes, John

  • Iris. _ are digestive enzymes the same as acidophilus capsules? Sandra

  • Hi Sandra,

    No they are not.... digestive enzymes act directly on digestion in the stomach, where acidophilus capsules are for recreating intestinal flora.

    I use them from time to time as cures, I personally don't believe in using them daily as I think we stop producing sufficient digestive enzymes if we augment from the exterior all the time. Now for the acidophilus and other types of lactobacillus (found in good yogurts or fermented foods) if I have been sick or a weakend immunity I would take a whole bottle (not at once!) on a daily basis to re-establish intestinal flora which augments our immunity.

    Hope that helps! The digestive enzymes really did help, but it is worth buying good ones. It shouldn't give one free license to eat badly more often though!

  • Thanks Iris -- I shall bear all that in mind & get some in for emergencies!


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