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My name is Adrine. Seven days ago i had my 2nd cardioversion. Immediately after it i felt fine but a then i began to feel very breathless fatigue and if i did any walking very out of breath. I actually felt worse the when i was on AF. I went to see my doctor and he did a ECG and confirm that i am still on Sinus rhythm. I am gradually feeling better than a couple of days ago but i was wondering if anyone had experienced this after cardioversion as when i had my first one i felt great nil side effects. Thank you any thoughts experiences shared much appreciated.

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Hopefully you will continue to improve. As you say about your first cardioversion, lots of people feel much better afterwards.

asantos in reply to Rellim296

Thank you for your reply really appreciate it. I was concerned because I felt very un well this second time . It has been very different to my first experience where I felt very good.

Rellim296 in reply to asantos

I hope someone can respond with some positive comments and give you encouragement.

tombeaux in reply to Rellim296

yes because it is a positive comment and encouragement that bring change not empirical data and testing or protocol dynamics.

Hi Santos25 ,

I, too had a cardioversion a few days ago, my third.

I don't feel as well as I did with the first two, but put it down to two things.

1. I equate it with being sick during pregnancy, indicating that it was stable. 😀 After all, our first ones didn't work for long, so hopefully feeling a bit off colour for a while will be worth it.

2. I think I was so used to being in AF that it became the norm, and any other state feels odd.

Hopefully we'll both have a long and stable "pregnancy" with the outcome being a happy, bouncing heart !!!

Best of luck

asantos in reply to P0rtnahapp1e

Hi Portnahapp1e,

Thank you for replying to my message, I hope you are feeling better. I am very gradually slowly improving but I still get very out of breath. I live in Australia here they have sign me up for some cardio rehabilitation , a 12 week program. Today was my first session they tested my fitness and I have a long way to go but the health staff are optimistic that I will gradually feel better. I hope they are right. I hope you are feeling much better too all the very best to you !

It took a while for my body to get used to being back in NSR so know what you mean. Hope you are better now.

asantos in reply to starry-eyes

Starry eyes hi,

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond it has helped me to feel less anxious to know that others too have found it challenging and it will take some time to feel normal. I feel less alone, all the very best to you.

I think you will eventually feel better. Must say I felt a wee bit battered after my second CV but it didn't last. In my unscientific way I equate it to someone giving you a hard right hook to the head and it takes a while to get back to normal!

Hope you feel better soon.

asantos in reply to Dadog

Dadog hi

Thank you for responding to my message and your words of encouragement. Because after my first CV I felt great I was worried that this second time it was not the case. But hearing from you and others that it takes a while to get back to feeling normal I feel less anxious and worried , I have to learn patience. All the best with your health.

I have only had one cardioversion a couple of years ago ( I was in persistent af ) it has lasted well as I've only had around 3 or 4 bouts since of around 30 - 40 hours, these feel a lot worse than the persistent af with near black outs on occasion.

When I had the cardioversion though, I felt lousy and was surprised as I'd read on here about people saying they felt better straight away. It was a week to ten days before I felt better but then I began to improve and I felt better than I had for ages.

I have lost a lot of weight and feel almost back to normal now and like to stride out when I walk, not possible when I had AF, but I do tire faster ( but I am in my early sixties now )

Hopefully you will also feel much better soon : )

asantos in reply to Visitingcat

Cleocat1795 hi

Thank you for taking the time to respond i really appreciate. I am sorry that you also like me felt lousy after the cardio version , I am glad you are feeling much better now. It is very helpful to hear from other people and learn from each other, it was helpful to hear that it took you a week to 10 days as today is my 7 day and I am slowly feeling better although still very out of breath when I walk specially if it is a little steep the walk. I stop drinking coffee, wine and I have to work on reducing or eliminating the salt from my diet . For me that is the hardest thing I love my salt but I have been told to reduce it or eliminate it all together. I am probably 5 or 6 kilos heavier than I should so I want to try to loose those kilos. How did you loose weight? any tips? I am 50 yrs old. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me once again and all the best with your health.

Visitingcat in reply to asantos

Hi Asantos

Very happy to help, I lost the weight, after failing many times, with a fabulous phone app called " myfitnesspal " its free to use, they have a charged premium version but you don't need it. If you fill in your details and how much you want to lose per week it will work it all out for you. You can scan food in with barcodes or enter and search.

I wish I had found it years ago : )


Adrine, I think I can equate with what you feel.

I've had date...and although I always feel really fine straight after wards , in the following days I've often felt that my heart was in what I can only describe as a vulnerable state. I felt that I was about to flip back into a fast rate ( or worse ) but I know from experience that this feeling passes in about a week. I'm just ' kind' to myself during this period!

Hope this helps.


asantos in reply to Hidden

Sandra hi

Thank you very much for your response I really value hearing and learning from others. Because my first CV went so well and I felt great although it did not last , I was expecting for the second one to be the same. I now know that it seems that every CV treatment can be different , and how our body responds can be different. It has been 7 days and I am now starting to feel better I notice I am improving but still getting very out of breath and struggling but better than how I was feeling a couple of days ago. I think you giving me good advice , I will try to not push myself so much and be kinder to my self , I got similar advice at a cardio rehab clinic that i went to today for my first time I will be going 2 time a week so I will be closely monitored , which I am happy about. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with me all the very best with your health.

Hello - I had a cardio version done in January : it was deemed a success as I went back into nsr : a few days later I decided to go for a walk to the local shops but really struggled getting home : I was breathless with heavy weight in my chest I thought I was going to pass out : I'm back in constant AF and have been referred to another hospital in the city.

asantos in reply to angell1950

Angel hi,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my message. I am sorry to hear that you have reversed to AF. I hope you are getting the medical attention you need and are doing much better now. It seems that we can free ourselves from AF but only for a limited amount of time for some it it days, weeks or year but it seems to always return unfortunately. I wish that your health improves soon and you start to feel much better, all the best.

How can anyone expect for a cardioversion to deliver a better state of health when they seldom address underlying variables. Variables such as hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, co-factors, aminos with a focus on mitochondria health. In addition to stabilizing the gut impacts and related inflammation issues associated?

Afibagain in reply to tombeaux

Good point

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