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We are retired and are visiting our daughter in Spain this winter for three to four months. And I have been informed by our local health authority that my prescriptions will be for one month only as it is an anticoagulant!? Has anyone else had this kind of thing happen to them. And would it be legal?

Apparently ramipril will also only be for one month!

I have bought a coagcheck monitor and test strips, but this denial of drugs came as quite a surprise.

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  • If I were you I would buy some padded envelopes. Put your required month's supply into one. Do not seal it, just address it to Spain. Take it to the post office and get it weighed and stamped. Now prepare as many similar stamped envelopes as you need. Give these to a friend along with the repeat prescription and then she is equipped to send your medication to you each month.

  • Thanks for that advice I didn't know that was possible.

  • I go to Spain frequently and my GP happily gives me a 3 month supply of all my meds, but am on NOACS NOT warfarin so could be to so with the INR testing?

  • How ridiculous. I've got loads of Warfarin, they don't check what I've had compared to what I use. Maybe they should but they haven't.

    Also, I'm just off to Spain for 2 weeks, and had a repeat prescription early, so I've got almost two lots at the same time, including Warfarin, and nobody said a word.


  • Same here. I went for an early prescription and they duplicated it by mistake and when hubby went to pick up they gave me 2 lots in one go! X

  • I have just spoken to a friend who has a daughter in Spain. She says that you can take your E111 to a local GP together with your prescription. You will be able to obtain whatever you need but will have to pay for them. I have some warfarin, exactly like Koll. I've been changed to Predaxa now.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  • The E111 was replaced by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) quite a few years ago. Make sure you go to the official government site to get one for free - there are a lot of scam sites around that want to charge you. This NHS site gives a lot of info about it


  • what a lot of nonsense!

    I should challenge that strongly as you want to ensure your meds are the same - I just ask for anti-coagulants on a repeat prescription so I am sure there are no rules on this!

  • Yes rose I do the same. But a filed a complaint when my gp refused to supply coag strips,, they replied and agreed with the doctor involved. So I counter claimed and received the commands that coags would only be supplied monthly and that ramapril would be treat the same, it almost looks as if by complaining they have issued these limits! But Of course I cannot prove that. I asked to make a formal complaint and they said that takes 6 weeks.. We will then be in Spain!! Nazi,s come to mind.

  • Have not heard that one before! But, if it were me I would be pitching a fit! Suddenly going off of anticoagulants comes with great risk if you are not under the care of a doctor. Ugh! Good luck, and best wishes to you! - KeL

  • G'day fuzzflyer,

    I am familiar with this - my understanding is that this is correct. HOWEVER - I have never been refused 2 or 3 months supply of any of my drugs (Ramipril, Simvastatin, Bisoprolol OR Warfarin when I disappear to Australia. It may be a play on words BUT - I speak to my GP and ask for my drugs "in advance" as I say I shall be away from Britain in the Australian bush (not always true about being in the bush, but certainly away in Australia) for 1, 2 or 3 months (whatever the case maybe) and can I have my drugs in advance. I do not ask for my repeat prescription. BUT I do ask for my medication in advance. I too have the Coaguchek XS INR testing system and use it overseas to regularly monitor my bloods while away, and if my time away coincides with an "official" INR test I arrange to phone the results through to the surgery (Skype is cheap enough and the 9,10 or 11 hour time difference isn't an issue either) and I even get my test strips "in advance" too. So - for me - NO CONTEST - NO PROBLEM.

    Good luck.


  • Well done John. You certainly "don't beat about the bush" sport

  • I too am about to travel for some months. I understand that anyone who is out of the UK for more than three months (or six months, depending on who you ask) is not eligible for NHS services. It's all on some website, can't remember the details, but I think it's or similar. My gp tells me that I will need to re-register with his surgery on my return.

  • I had no probs with been given 3 months supply if Warfaren but I believe GP is only legally able to prescribe 1month of new NOACS

  • Like rosyG my NOAC is prescribed every 2 months on repeat prescription ( at Tesco )

    It seems that the individual prescribers all seem to have their own ideas on this

    I see other people on here are getting 3 months

  • I have been led to be believe GP s are only authorised to give 1 months worth at a time.

    Apologies, just noticed I am repeating myself

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